Betcom - Cash Explosion
Yeah well I set one of those up before the weekend, had 74 coins on me, put a few in at beginning then 5 £20 notes, cost £107 to get ton (Jackpot Jews). I end up collecting all the coins but end up lured back in, now I am the ton back in plus 55 coins as I only had 12 coins left - COIN FUCKING MECH ERRORS.

Had em come back on before, maybe 33% of time after a mech error? Not this time.

FUCKING FUMING after thinking why did I collect all the fucking coins from first pot/why am I always so deep when this shit happens to me.

I probably had enough credits in it to get it as well but decided to just put all my coins in as I was probably playing for 2 more jackpots anyway.

Manager was a thick cunt who couldn't understand the concept that I wanted to carry on playing it when it was fixed but in the end was told I'd get a call when engineer had been as he couldn't say if it would be morning/afternoon/evening when that might be!

Never did get a call and I never went back as knew it would have been done and was 80 miles from where I live.

That was probably flash first board for next person on it, and free credits to get it as well most likely?

Fuck those cunting fruits, must be down about a fucking grand due to errors.
Not far off 1k mark of errors tbh.

Last 3 visits to a place thats been good over the year, all had an error. Stumpy fat manager said he really feels sorry for us boys lol...   but all 3 times the engineer apparantly said it was fine with no problems, one time was 80 still to pay so that went somewhere. fat manager witnessed it twice and the 3rd time said thwt apparantly, it NEVER happens to nobody else!.... yeah ok ... 
Hmm... is some fat lying prick taking our money perhaps? Have overheard him say to customers he smashed it at  casino on roullette recently.. so who knows. Up about 1k from the pub over 18months or so, but owed about 250 on top that we will never see.
As for those jews, never get on with them. Played a pie last month that cost 90 for the big one. Same pub, 2 randoms while i was pieing put at least minimum 40 into the jj for a five collect.  It Still decided it wanted 185 lol..
Yeah I have had the old "it only breaks when you play it", in the end I stop going to those places, except to break buttons....
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Wekk the same game has gone wrong 5 times for us and been there NINE months but apparently its never happened to anyone else .. lol
Yeah I just try to block out what those cunts say as otherwise i'd internally combust with frustration!
Actually makes me think he is taking it, the sly roullette addict. They can change the game next to it from dond daddy, to winner takes all to tornados , but not that fucker that has fucked up the last 3 visits in a row lol
Had 80p left over on a king of games
20p stake on golden pharoahs
Second spin - 5 pyramids - £100!!
Was shocked
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adamtheaddict, GG
The amount of money those things make on random games that clearly don’t pay anywhere near the supposed rtp, they owe the occasional touch!!!!
Reel King on Itboxes must be the worst ever for a rob? Every time it's brains for fuck all, based on my own albeit limited (about 10 sessions) experience.
A lot of these cough splutter random yeah right cough splutter random games are installed very dead from reset and eventually EVENTUALLY the compensation kicks in and they become fair. But oh wait it says random so it can't be compensated. It also says in the Daily Star aliens had sex with Katie Price. Always believe EVERYTHING you read, particularly in tabloid newspapers and on fruit machine help screens. They never lie.
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‘Randoms’ in the pub are lethal, they never feel like they meet the % But saying that I’ve been lucky with big pie gambles this weekend and ended up £410 up. Touch wood not had a note or coin error for a long time now. Maybe It’s because the machines around this area are all pretty much brand new. I’m sure gamestec or regal engineers have had some great bonus’ outta me though..
There's a few vids of Timmy and crew punting out the pie on wish upon a jackpot. Looks fun, looks profitable, instinct tells me that my negative magnetic energy will bring on the £800 cost for pot.
Hard to always say if a game is random or not. The industry just loves compensation too much and as there's no legal requirement to have a cat c game as random I think in many cases it's just used flippantly rather than maliciously in help menus. I haven't played select gaming's aurora random offerings to any great degree. Mostly just on free game mode so can't really comment. I have seen a very simple 3 reel reflex affair with diamonds as ton billed as 100% random that just instinctively I looked at and thought, yep, it's so straightforward it probably IS random as in each spin totally independent of the previous.
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Some bloke in town punts that wish upon a jackpot a lot pie gambling wins etc , he must be a good 5k down on it in the time he’s played it!!!

The games themselves are terrible on those terminals, superspins bar x thing 90% supposedly, yet to fill the matrix of 0s is costing you say £15-20 on average absolute minimum that is too and that’s if it doesn’t bum you off spinning in a line of £1/2 then stop holding the 0s. When you finally get it, after it sits one 0 off for an eternity in most cases you are rewarded with £1-4 on 90% off occasions.

I’ve seen over £10 all off about 4 times (20/70/90/100) out of maybe 500 times.

Reel wins are very rare and never very good, had one £43 bar win but in general you ain’t getting over £5 and those wins just cancel the matrix trail out half the time so just serve to annoy you.

Must have played a good £3k through that game over hundreds of occasions, and this I might add on ones that loads of 0s were filled in to start with so supposedly I should be getting over the 90%, yet if I’ve had 60-70% I’d be suprised!!!!

Toilet game!!!! God help me if anyone is pissed off at me mentioning this rubbish method btw!!!!
I wouldn't class it as a method lol. I've put £20 in before for one 0 for £1. Almost as annoying as a Betcom. I've had the £100 twice and £40ish about twice. Other than the odd £30-40 roll in/set of super spins for similar, I don't know why I load the f**ker up tbh.
The method for the noughts on the cabinets with Labyrinth is much better lol
I’ve had £40 a few times on that 0 thing on superspins always on £1 though, 50p never seems to do much except piss you off, take your money then drop in a few quid safe cash on the reels :-/

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