Betcom - Cash Explosion
At least on the newer ones you can hold it down rather than keep pressing!


(03-15-2017, 12:38 AM)HoveSam Wrote: i've had 60 in for deal a few times but that much is pretty rare, i'd guess 2%?

i am VERY LIKELY to just take the game if a few quid in lol

Definately....£60 quid?.., never had that ever, these shite machines give u a shit offer most times anyways, usually £20! For a massively huge £12 win if your lucky.
Hit the nail on the head really with keep pressing start is your game play these days. In the rare case I can be arsed I'll usually load it up and just hit start while playing on my phone or talking to someone, sometimes with my back to the machine. Very entertaining.......
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I sometimes watch the bandits slot videos whilst slapping start again and again haha, I sometimes wonder why I even bother going out playing anymore
I play £10 in coins (because most of them give 10 coins back first as payout) and if it should deal (rare) I'll play it - otherwise stuff another £50 through in tenners - then start playing the boards.
(03-17-2017, 02:31 PM)Boulderdash Wrote: At least on the newer ones you can hold it down rather than keep pressing!

I didn't even know this. That's been quite helpful today while going round the innner board of a Juggling building up my cashmeter to £480 on an IM board
Marching on together
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Average player in 2017:

If you click the attachment he gives away his method.

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ob, SmegHead
Second ever cash explosion yesterday. Exactly £150 in for a £150 MS. £3 for the next board no deal but cob £2.

Thing with these forcusers is you know it WILL pay jackpot but it's ever so dull


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I played 1 today 10 pound cash shot 1st board forced it it took 162 pound for 150 mega streak.
Was on it over 1 hour went brain dead forcing it so dull to force.
£10 cash shot means nothing - really only when getting survive on the hazards can you be sure it's close.


If they're boring, stop playing them. Simple. The more you play them, the more play through they'll get, the better the numbers
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