Betcom - Cash Explosion

Timmy gets all the new stuff...
Yeah but the key point is it's betcom new shit. He can keep the fucker.
Just realised I got the name wrong (ironically) and it's Cash Exploder, not Explosion!
Its shite. Had one spin in a £5 win. Lost the gamble, then cost about 20 to board.

Also never had "dond" or anything else half decent (more than 5 quid) on this.

Apart from the time i stuck a quid in. Fuck 19.58 offer on the game....why the fucks the logo flashing.... oh yeah skill repeat. Thanks!
Tried this last week got a 8 quid win lost gamble....TWENTY FIVE GAMBLES LATER finally  gives a board....3rd press press ? hit COB  gives 3 quid fuck off robbing twat  agro
(11-13-2015, 07:59 PM)dazzler Wrote: Tried this last week got a 8 quid win lost gamble....TWENTY FIVE GAMBLES LATER finally  gives a board....3rd press press ? hit COB  gives 3 quid fuck off robbing twat  agro

probably should've just exchanged for the board straight away.....
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haha fair point!
I noticed on a recent Timmy Vid he gambled the £5 win, luckily it won for him.
On MYMY at least you can't exchange £5.

Dunno about this one.
you cant exchange any win. you need the first gamble, and its so tight.

mostly boards via the bomb things.
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Comes to something when they even remove the £5 and above Auto exchange.
These are good for forcing i have forced 4 out so far every time always been profit tonight i made 86 one one it gave 150 megastreak then next board 20 pound on deal or no deal. I have never seen 1 not do a 150 megastreak just force on a pound ago & there is no forced wins on this machine which is great.
Forced like 30 off em had loads go 100! Very marginally up between em lol
Thats weird red megastreak has always been 150 never took white megastreak & nomally when u get the 150 it normally deals next board & the deal or no deal does not seem to rigged never got the lucky lighter deal or no deal feature yet been offered when forcing it but i obviousley do not take it i just push it for red megastreak.
Terrible machines - 9/10 go flat. Wouldnt waste your energy.
very easy to lose decent money in unless flying, and then still easy to lose!
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The punters seem to love a forcus on them though hence why they keep churning them out!

To be fair though these days what else are you meant to play on whilst having a pint?  Maximum DOND?!  Least these sort of machines are generally OK for a forcus if bored and if you play enough overall you'll probably even out financial wise...
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Betcoms are so obvious I mean if they're super dealing etc first board you're looking at 90-140 for 100/150 plus afters and if not doing anything first board say 130-200 for 100/150 plus afters. Pretty pointless overall but you'll be winning overall pushing them from buzzing first board and everyone knows it so they get the big play though and get the money played through them!

If they were on 86% rather than 74% they'd be much more targeted and even perhaps make more money I'd say
Good news!

You can now play CASH EXPLODER in DIGITAL!

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Further good news!

You can now play the innovative and unique new machine COUNT YER CASH too! ! !

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