FREE psycho cash beast club
As stated, the machine is free, you just need to pick it up

it is on freeplay but takes coins (diverter missing)
Class machine this I always wanted to force a 1000jp casino one but they only seemed to put them on 250jp in casinos back in the day!

Forced a 1000jp flinstones Jpm thing (200 block is mad) and the 5 liner Jpm thing along with a few other bfm games obviously grand slam a fair few times but you rarely saw 1000 jp crests kicking around in casinos! Pity!
I really need rid of it or it's going to have to be tipped, it has the £1000 jackpot ROMS but obviously, its well documented on here that that conversion never worked quite as it should have
Where do you live? If not drop me a PM.
Pick up from where
Weymouth, DT3
Bloody hell I was down near Bristol a few weeks back could have popped down and threw it in the van , don't get down those parts very often
Well I say Bristol it was actually Shepton Mallet
(11-12-2015, 02:18 AM)HoveSam Wrote: SHIPTON!

Shame, as its going to be tipped if i can't find someone to take it by the 6th, I'm getting another one and i'm only allowed 1 at a time (ikr lol)

if anyone wants it its still here...
Please someone save it from the grave!
Have sent you a PM mate.
I just acquired my first fruity I was literally driving on the windscreen after squeezing it in my Nissan tino lol that was only four miles away lol. Anyways back to the machine in question. Do you still have it? If so can you take some hi res pics of it mainly the glassed areas , machine swiched off!! for emulation purposes if not do you still have the roms, as maybe a different from version to what we have!
Still available for free if anybody wants it or it's getting broken up and tipped?
Dave (mr p) will take it surely!
its gone now :) I live in an old converted house-flat now was forever worrying of it falling through the floorboards or causing the floor to sag/break
Mr P with clsssics such as Reflex Jackpot Island and Betcom Alice and Hatter!

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