Lobster and magnet / Lobster Mania 1 & 2 (Sky Vegas)
"Lobster and magnet" was a Flash video from about 15 years ago... the ancient days of the internet... Hampsterdance era and 56k dial-up modems!!

Some time later, but still a few years ago, Lobster Mania appeared on Sky Vegas as a slot game, and it appears to be a parody of the old Flash animation.  This week, Lobster Mania 2 appeared on Sky Vegas, and again parodies lobster/magnet.  Is there some sort of back-story to this?  Was it e.g. a film or internet meme or something?  Had a quick play on this on demo.  Great music, and you get vocals during the feature Smile
Lobster Mania was a hugely poplar IGT game in the UK and US. I like the new version as its like the old one but with a few twists and surprises, but your right the sounds are what makes it.
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Lobstermania 2 is an evil piece of shit.

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