AMC's Walking Dead Slot (one from Vegas) Now Online
If you guys are bored or missing Vegas, this slot has just been released - free to play.

Search App: Heart of Vegas - Real Slots (for Desktop or Mobile)

I put 5mill in my primary account and never got feature, did get extend wheels loads.

Used a secondary account installed from scratch got around 5mill free credits got feature with around 4mill and won 5.3mill.

Great game so far, got to level 6 on wheel with 12 free spins (no CDC so dont know if it looks the same?)

Other great "free" games:

Slots - Wizard of Oz (some great OZ games, level up stuff)

Gold Fish Casino Slots

" Have screenshot of 5.3m win if anyone wants a competition to beat that on Walking Dead? "
Great show this

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