Timmy fobty
Please watch this morons new videos...used to find him kind of funny but now it's just disturbing and wrong,he earlier posted a vid which I watched where he won, next thing video was gone..deleted. Now he's got one up of him and that poor soul tiger who he calls his friend playing roulette..in the video he deleted Timmy says he's 40 quid cash left,rest in his bank...I'm no troll never have been but,I've had to comment on his video this time..he's a attention seeking bum like that seaside/toastie..no time for them,the tax us working men pay funds these 'special' people....am done with it , rant over
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megastreaklover01, Mr Move It
Comedy gold lolol

Tiger has finally worked it out !

"I'm not listening to what you say because it's never right" lol
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mooster, playford7
The motorcycle sounded like it was revving up nicely in that video... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Comedy genius
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Timmy, if you're reading this. Please, there is no such concept as a tier, number or blipblopbloopa being due. There will be no tiers, only tears. Stop this nonsense. Then again what do I know? I don't have roulette skills.
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Have you given him his tenner back yet?
He has the roulette skills. What more can I say?
Shaky hands anyone? Smile

At least it's not a vertical video though, so props to that :D
Absolute attention seeker with zero discipline. Recipe for more disaster
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Where do you track Timmy down in real life? They've taken the Juggling Jackpots away from Erdington Shipleys, PS a casual had that 403 out on 'Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold' Fenso, so cross that off the list. I mean where do you find him? He's supposedly from Walsall but excluded from Gala, Quickies and Playland? Sometimes his videos mention Redditch Paddy Power. Well there's a developing Jackpot Roulette in there on £8.17 that I'm checking five times a week, but I've never seen Timmy.
Mind you I think if you engaged with him too much, you could find yourself becoming Tiger mk II.
You what now?
Marching on together
You will find him in the nearest gutter within 2 miles of birmingham, alongside seaside mark and his dog benji.
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Timmy is ok,he's just lost..if he left you tube I think it'd be a huge step forward as the people he mixes with on there are hardly men of the world tbh..like his fruit vids and to a degree he is kind of honest about things,clearly he struggles with his gambling,but a lot of people do and choose to remain quiet,maybe it is his way of trying to help him self I don't know?..but he ain't a bad bloke I don't think
He uploaded a video and was taken down in seconds, saying he's been arrested.....
(10-27-2015, 08:32 PM)playford7 Wrote: He uploaded a video and was taken down in seconds, saying he's been arrested.....

HAHA ARRESTED ??? Has he been tooling machines lol
No idea lol,I dread to think, but it won't be for playing them..no doubt the youtube circus will provide answers in due course, unless he totally denies it haha
Was a video he uploaded Timmy saying he'd been arrested,then was taken down before anyone could even watch it..
Yeah I heard but didn't get to grab it unfortunately
Me either..a new fobty vid has been freshly uploaded tho,wish he would leave them alone and concentrate on fruits tbh,on the meet I'll have a dabble in the fobty,nothing mental tho,prefer the fruits,find it more fun

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