Lets find the rarest £100 repeat.
Never had a repeat on a £100 Jackie...maybe some day.
Not anymore lol
Had Bells repeat on Batman the other week. First time I’ve had it. Blue Peter badge worthy?
Box 23 repeat
4 nudges for bells double repeat in the 70 era. Couldn’t tell you the game was so long ago, DOND: brains or something
Rdrt ton box, big one ton box, 23 cashpot, 23 bust, star prize cashpot
Had a £100 box repeat from random red on a box 23 then next board flat go all the way all in the space of about £6/7
BTT wasn't the rarest repeat but that was a right touch!
Never heard a it called a 'Gat wuh' before, but a hundred bust, next board GATW then same again right after.

That's why most people have fond memories of Box 23

It's winson and row mac!
(12-23-2017, 10:02 PM)Boulderdash Wrote: Never heard a it called a 'Gat wuh' before

Standard - that's what I call it - or rather I did in the days you saw it lol
These days you're lucky if you get a repeat on £3 let alone £100. Oh how times have changed...
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Turbo gamble up repeat
Good turbo.

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