Lets find the rarest £100 repeat.
"What the hell just did happen?!" Epic video Smile

One of you in the video mentioned a flicker board as well. Is this the machine that you refer to when you guys say a "flicker"?
Barcrest take it or leave it
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Alien repeat has to be the rarest of rare?
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Bulleyes on the oche... Bank on it clone.

JP bust repeats. That's gotta be up there on the rarest scale.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
That's reasonably common. Or at least it was on the £70 version. Not had much experience with the £100.
£70 version I had NEVER not have JP repeat on oche.
DOND Next Level 100 box repeat
Had a £100 Deal or No Deal Go All The Way repeat the other day, not seen that before. Fiver in too lol
That's special
Had it once on £70! Annoyingly the CASHPOT decides it doesn't want to offer a repeat chance lolol
(08-07-2015, 06:56 PM)JPMMonopoly60 Wrote: Had a £100 Deal or No Deal Go All The Way repeat the other day, not seen that before. Fiver in too lol

Surprised - I didn't think the older 70-100 upgrades would give the repeat - it's like the MS that goes over but stops at a weird amount.
Got a £100 cash pot repeat on a star prize last night, couldn't believe it.
That's not a rare £100 repeat that's a rare win £100 in the first place for that piece of shit lolol
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Take it I'm the winner then lol
Had a £100 box repeat on a Next Level today £5 in

Also a while ago, had a £200 GATW off a Lucky Streak, £3 in lol
£65 offer on Golden Game repeat twice
£100 box repeat off a Golden Game, bizarrely phoned next board left £100/£8, £46 offer

Other strange repeats
Bankers Offer £70 box to £210 must be rare (£70 JP)
Also a £210 GATW on a Treasure Island Call of Booty £5 in
Your Bankers offer £70 box repeat to £210 is a very rare one, i've certainly not heard of that before i bet you were happy as fuck haha have had them repeat once but never twice.
Bankers Offer £70 box repeats?

Yep I'm was £60ish in I think
So chuffed with one repeat, was shocked when it repeated again.
I rang a mate who's played a lot more than me, and he's never had it or heard of it
Must of been some kind of hidden IM.
I've had a £100 box repeat on a go all the way (the machine) recently. I've had turbo repeat before Aswel from the gamble to jackpot which seems pretty rare. Also something I didn't think was possible, A mega steak cob on bank on it did £200
Marching on together

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