Lets find the rarest £100 repeat.
nearly 500 PROFIT is going some! never got near that, a few around 300. cashpot repeat, bust repeat, bells repeat for fuck all in?! surely no natural GATW involved?! ;)
I have been 680 into a pp before!

As we're talking rareties, there used to be a time I didn't have to be 400 involved every time Sad
Yeah you pretty much called it. Had a couple of similar profits on U/C too.

Rare event of the day.............

Double Chance, land on message square.... Cash or bust will be Mega Streak. Thanks Noel. Next board, phones, Cashpot. Phones £15 later, £100 box lol.

Both 777s lol
Just had a £54:10 offer repeat on a DC. Nearly dropped me pint.
haha ooooooooosh, i think ive had that once! Happens more often on a triple, very surprising to see it on a dc, had it on a live at the weekend off £2 lol
I've never had any of this silly luck.

I've had £50-£75 deals repeat on Golden Games on rare occasions. I've also had a £55 repeat on a Winfall. As for rare £200s can't say I've had any. Access All Areas cob £200 if that's any good to the thread.
OB sees this kind of shit every day.
I was asked earlier by someone why i felt the need to brag about big wins on fruit machines in a thread, this thread, on Jackpotty.

I just wanted to point out that my motivation behind this thread was the quietness of the board, i had a think and thought i know what might be a decent thread, might get a few replies and a decent discussion, this one.

I posted it to generate conversation. I was in no way aiming to say ooooooh look at me loooook at my winnings oooooh yayyyyyy, i was simply trying to liven up the forum, amounts of profit weren't really in my mind when i posted the thread but a question here and a question there and amounts follow, personally, i dont see a problem in saying " I made £404 once on a Golden Game" or "I just had a mad £300 run out of a double chance" or "haha no way, this reel estate i was just having a board on has only done a gatw for a 2er, phoned off the credits and slapped a oner in" but to others, and certainly to the person who has asked me about it, its clearly come across in a different way.

Clearly if i have written anything anyone feels may be sensitive, then by all means delete it.

Thought of another possible rare one anyway, Rapid Round, had the One Box Game give the £100 and repeat.
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Damo, mooster, ring sting
(06-19-2015, 06:22 AM)PMK Wrote: Oh and I've seen a lucky give a gatw to a friend of mine!!! That's gotta be rare!!

I got a gatw on a lucky once, it started the board with the £1 lit on the stack and then it disappeared, i was like whats going on here, then it flashed lol I was on the phone to the wife at the time and i said got to goooooo need to vid this bad boy, then my battery died. Mint haha.
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Ignore em steve these sort of threads are much needed. As you say it's gone very quiet on here and this has brought some much needed life back to the board.
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This place needs more members like you who post stuff and help to keep this place alive
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ring sting, Slasher
I've yet to have a repeat or more than £100 MS in the £100 Cat C Era. Had a flat MS COB from Box 23 last week which I couldn't believe.

I had a £210 off a Big Easy (£70 JP) a good few years ago - GATW board, and said to my mate "These sometimes go past £70". And it did. Twice. I was about £15-20 in from memory :D
I've not jackpotted a £100 machine yet, but nearest for me would be the Crazy Chair (£70 version) streaking to £155. That's a fairly specific amount, but still, slightly more than the £140 that was common back in those days. Never had a £210.
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I've had some crazy shit before, £500 win for £1, a few COB MS's, £210 on a gg for £3 and a few others :)
This doesn't strictly count as it is £70 but guess who

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One of my favourite clips that, mental :)
That is my favourite fruit video. Ridyes cry of " you cannot be serious" makes it.
Yup possibly the best Vid of a fruit machine I've seen.

What a moment to capture. Brilliant.
The fact that the whole thing was videod in the first place is perhaps my favourite bit.
Deffo my favourite ever clip

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