Lets find the rarest £100 repeat.
I was just reading the Triple Deal thread and MS1303 commented about a repeat of a Cashpot on a Pure Gold, what have you had repeat on a £100 Jackpot, any form, be it Cashpot, Jackpot, Bust or whatever. I will put a few of mine down, lets see if we can find the rarest!

I would say my rarest ones are a Golden Game Cashpot and £100 box. A double chance Cashpot offer, also £100 box and also £100 stack bust message, and a Box 23 £100 box.

There are probably a couple of other rare ones that i will remember as we go, if you have had the same then sling a comment up and we can try find the rarest of raries haha raries, yeah i typed it lol

Deal Live was another not so common one maybe, the £100 box.
Never had a repeat on a £100 Jackie...maybe some day.
(06-18-2015, 04:26 PM)TOM Wrote: Never had a repeat on a £100 Jackie...maybe some day.

Funny boy lol come on, what would you consider as your rarest?
DC most likely...only had CP repeat once and JP repeat once.

Turbo £100 repeat I've only had a couple of times as well...seen it a couple times when I wasn't playing the machine too though.

£200 Mega on BO I've only had once too.
Had the 200 on Bankers Offer and seen a guy get it too while i played something else, same with Turbo, not a common one though thats for sure.
Golden Game once, but had a few £200 megas
Had a £99.10 offer repeat on a Powerplay Deluxe, thats probably quite rare lol
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100 box repeat on a cops n robbers.

Red 50 box on another cops gave an extra repeat to 150.
Midas touch 100 cashpot repeat
£100 repeat off the dond panel on box23 after exchanging for random red from a blue box
Next board went gatw aswell

£50 to £100 gamble, nothing special there


£200 from an initial £50 box lolol
I'd imagine the Midas Touch Cashpot repeat is a rare one, possibly similar to that of a Golden and a Pure, have had Cashpot repeat on a Golden 3 times, out of literally hundreds by now.
(06-18-2015, 06:48 PM)Clarky Wrote: £100 repeat off the dond panel on box23 after exchanging for random red from a blue box
Next board went gatw aswell

Mental it went GATW next board haha, much in?
Second largest raise to date off a fruit
I was going to say BO to £200 but TOM beat me!
Not £100 JP but had a £69.70 swag repeat twice on a dond cops
I've had a £100 repeat on a Hot Shots.

... just joking. Perhaps my strangest is a £200 MS from DOND on Monopoly Diamond.
But speaking of Hot Shots I did cob £100 on it once which should be rarer than any repeat in here!
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OB could probably dominate this thread Tbf.

Never had any cp or ton box repeat on either triples, goldens, doubles, 23's or turbos.

Had megas break on doubles and goldens tho. Triples I've had £50-£70 offers repeat a few times.

Probably the most unusual I've ever seen and I was in halves but wasn't physically playing it was a pure gold £100 box repeat!! I nearly spat my pint out!

Oh and I've seen a lucky give a gatw to a friend of mine!!! That's gotta be rare!!
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£100 cashpot which repeated on mega rich

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