Now they cheat!
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Good god.
The more they cheat, the more he wins.

So we can conclude Betfred are not very good at cheating or .......?
Its an odd thing really. If roulette is to be realistic, you should not be able to tell the spin. Now i could never tell the spin on this type of machine, didnt play it as much as ladbrookes/ William hill versions but i certainly didnt like knowing id lost when id hit the button. Now imo the spin is simply a representation of the result, something to show the punter, the result has already been determined when the button has been hit. This was confirmed by a William hill employee who was able to tell me from behind the desk if it was a winner or not, he didnt know the number but knew if it returned money or not the second the button was pressed, long before the ball dropped. Therefore this machine might be 'cheating' whether it gives u a win or not but doesnt really matter if it 'misses by one' or seems to speed up or slow down, skip etc, the result was determined seconds ago and its just trying to give u some 'entertainment' for your money. It might as well just show u the number without doing the spin, in fact the ladbrookes machines used to do that with the turbo option. The fact that the representation appears to have changed is probably good, it brings a sense of uncertainty back to the punter, he will i guess learn the new spins in time.
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Thanks for clearing that up, seriously.

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