how can betfred open 4 bookies in one town as in leeds now as the are opening one up next to nobles how can they get away with it
They can get away with anything, as they make the government a lot of money

And only 4 in Leeds doesn't seem like many to be honest, I think there's 4 of the same bookies in Bradford city centre, I think there's 4 Ladbrokes in Bradford town
theres will be 4 betfreds 2 corels 4 william hills 3 ladbrookes

1 nobles 2 quicksilvers a royals and storeys and penny near the bus station

but these days the bookies are busyier then the arcades are dieing off in the area as people can only spread around so much so to speak
10 William Hills in Liverpool city centre.
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
(03-31-2015, 09:25 PM)keno Wrote: 10 William Hills in Liverpool city centre.

Exactly, I think there's more bookies in Bradford then in Leeds going by what you said Mr x 
In my opinion the North and London have the most sessioners. Even bookmakers in The Midlands seem empty and there's less of them! Do folk in The Midlands not gamble as much?
the midlands did do well with the bookies and arcades at one point but now the games arnt as good in the arcades now so they all go to the bookies
Anyone been in that massive new Betfred's in Bolton that's got about 50 fruits in?  All £5 jackpots - DONDs, Reflexes, all sorts of stuff.

Here fishy fishy...Mr X, I'm looking at you...
They do it because each shop are only allowed 4 FOBTs, so they open a batch of shops in close proximity to get around that limit.
Just had a brand new morrisons superstore built here
They managed to find enough space to tag a betfred on the side in close proximity of the cash points
If you don't like bookies don't go in them? I don't play reflexes but there everywhere I just chose not to play them!
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Seems fair enough, he thought about it and thought better about leaving it for some other sod to lose on. Probably bought the machine anyway
Charming. Anyone catch his details so I can invite him over at Christmas to meet my family? lol
Betfred are shit
Ladbrokes are shit
William hill are shit but I like their football bets so I go there now
Anyone who works in these places over the age of 35 seems to be a miserable bastard
Lovely drinks though and sometimes they don't make you pay for a can of drink when you are losing more than a bag!

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