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(02-11-2018, 11:35 PM)Toastie Wrote: Amazing how these newer games can take 20 to get a board over and over yet they still don't really pay out many big wins any more. I must have played 5 fruits "for a board" today (new bell fruit, or reflex) across them the average board cost must have been 15+! I won't play a Reflex for a board again, 1st cost 18 then about 30 for the one after after it phone fill moded (daddy clone) got 3 quid and it wanted 15 for next board.

Must be some top boy info on alot of those games? Played a hotshot (snooker based Reflex) that wanted about 70 for 3 or 4 boards, I just have to swallow as can't see how you can get anything back/not do mega bollocks if you carry on?

Dont play hotshots man unless you plan on killin yourself.

Seen one random guy do 250+ before leaving one with a 20 box, and then deciding to begin pumping the one next to it in the pub instead.
Had a mate refuse to listen to how bad they were.  Ended up spending 2 hours in a shit hole of shit holes while he done 300+ and left with a 50 box and a few bits for a 200 loss.    Maybe 15 finishes during the row where it never put in cp or jp.
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Hotshots was a truly shocking machine. I've seen people do absolute bollocks in it and never get anything over £25. I have no idea how it pays its percentage. The cashpot comes out randomly but almost never.
Clone of chilli con carnage ain't it, which is surely renowned as one of the worst games of all time?!
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
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CCC is a clone of HS
Does anyone know what the red 35 is on Swing My Axe, not guaranteed 70 is it? Just I muggishly played one, £157 for flat, can they even go past? Only played a few times. Was offered that red £35 a tenner back in after the flat but had already transferred £50 of credits. Obv 99 for another flat.
Was straight after a £92 loss on a 300 as well, £145 flat, over £20 for next board (phone fill mode) got fuck all off game, 150 for another flat, played a few games after for fuck all. Standard!
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just forces you to waste 3 seconds of your time in order to hit no on a repeat chance (I'd assume)
axe and alice mad hatter (both snake entries) were the worst for me for the roll past.

Know of 1 axe that has had the notey on for at least 2 months but after processing notes with noises will always projectile vomit them back out onto the floor. Same place has had the digi set to coin payout for the past year+ so that is regularly showing '1pound coin empty call engineer' on the screen. Might possibly understand the reason a bit more if it wasnt in a Marston's.
(02-12-2018, 04:30 PM)jerz92 Wrote: Clone of chilli con carnage ain't it, which is surely renowned as one of the worst games of all time?!

U know again there are far worse machines
than chlii/hotshots. Once u know they are shit
you try to have one go and take a few streak 
spins. Never had jp but never tried assumed 
there must be some cheat or its just crap either
way just avoided. Almost always saw cp on max
the 1/2 times it wasnt i assumed machine just
got there. If u can somehow get it to leave say 
2 of the top 4 to second last leave can give u 
a 30ish offer, leaving 50 and anything else offers
25, ive seen worse offers. Theres an arguement
for saying they are better than any of this
Betcom stuff as u dont have to plough them.
Oh theres also a maximum amount u can put in 
before it throws in a go unlike betcom stuff.
That said its pretty dire
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Oh just remembered, saw the first one
a while back, took a look through window
didnt play, seen it again recently, Rocket
Money, off all the things to copy theme
Hotshots urgh. Big or bust, thatll be bust
Hungry, were your last 2 posts above meant to be some sort of poem? ;)
(02-12-2018, 04:30 PM)jerz92 Wrote: Clone of chilli con carnage ain't it, which is surely renowned as one of the worst games of all time?!

Problem with these (HS/CCC) was the cost to get them dealing - once that a finish didn't take too many attempts - this was based on watching a bloke play one week after week until it went.
I like gambling too and I see nothing bad in having it just like an other type of hobby smile I got an interest in it during my teenage years too, firstly it was just a love for playing cards and later through years I discovered for myself other types of it. Now it's a small hobby for me, another way to get some relax after work in the evening or during weekends but I've never been a heavy player. It's really interesting and risky to play in such games, they bring people a rather special types of emotions, that's why I think so many people become addict to them but personally I always know my limits. I have a certain amount of money for this small hobby and I've never spent too much of them, I think that in such case gambling isn't a problem at all tongue-out Sometimes I win and sometimes not but for me the main thing is process and money is just a pleasant bonus. If your position in this case is the same, than why should you stop playing even after the birth of your child?
And speaking about my favourite games... Well, I adore poker, blackjack and comeon casino bonus codes, especially slots and roulette for them. But from my own experience I should mention that you should be careful with online ones, if you want to play, than it's really better to choose only licensed sites, there's much scam in this sphere and sometimes people had very unplesant issues with their bank cards because of this.

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