Jokepoteer's Online Slots Video Diary
(12-10-2015, 10:28 PM)ring sting Wrote:
(12-10-2015, 05:29 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: Your 'once upon a rhyme' video intrigues me.  I've not played or seen it before, but it reminds me of a dream I had 4 weeks ago where the 15 reel segments started combining into bigger (fewer) segments, repeat, repeat, until they all merged together into 1 single symbol that filled the screen.  Very trippy Smile

have you been snorting self raising flour lol

I think that nutter Seasidemark needs to stay of the self raising flour for a bit lol
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Mr Move It

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Very nice mate
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shame you didn't get 4 x3! woulda been HUGE.

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(06-29-2016, 09:03 PM)jokepoteer Wrote:

Sweet hit for the modest symbols. Love this game. Hate this game.
Missed this vid, nice little hit for K AND Q.
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Get the fuck in there.  40p stake.  This is why I don't play in arcades any more....

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chasnbons, gamblermad1978
Fuck me that's gotta be a record x stake
Off the top of my head thats 5000x +

Same potential as dead or alive. Only put a fiver through high voltage as it seemed shit, but may have to have another bash after watching that.
Nearly 6000x and another purple skull on reel 1 or 6 (possible) would have nearly doubled it. Even more is possible in the bonus round. The potential is insane.
One of a kind hit that is. You could play slots every day for 20 years and not get a hit like that, unreal
Great hit but jimbocasino's crazy dead or alive hit beats it, his was a £7 stake for 42 grand iirc
lol jg
IDK the 40p hit seems more impressive to me, over the £7 hit, which has a go big or go home feel to it.

40p is just a pure entertainment bet that landed an unexpected monster.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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Agreed JP 24/7. 40p is silly money playing for fun etc. 7 quid is daft stakes. Bust a bag in no time
How much do you spend low rolling online though? Even on 20p in the bookies you can blast £100 through surprisingly quickly if nothing is going on!

Too easy for my mind to start creeping up from 40p to 80p to £1.20 to £ get the idea! Easy to raise, much more tricky to then lower!
Yes lowering is never easy, especially as there is no point!
My usual stake is 60p-1.20. DHV gets a special low stake because of the ridiculous volatility, but can still get through 100s in an hour. It wasn't a "fun punt" as such, I knew exactly what this slot is capable of and was going for it. I just never expected to achieve it...
(08-16-2017, 06:06 AM)jerz92 Wrote: One of a kind hit that is.  You could play slots every day for 20 years and not get a hit like that, unreal

Bit like me on raging rhino.

Still yes still waiting for my first ever tune.

Others get them for fun.
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