Jokepoteer's Online Slots Video Diary
Cool Jewels is harsh.  OMG Kittens is indeed a fairly low profile. There is a 100x multiplier randomly added to one kitten which would give £1000 on mixed kittens 80p stake, but I've never had it and only seen it land once in a non winning spin!
(04-10-2015, 06:50 PM)jokepoteer Wrote:
It wasn't to bad for a €1.20 stake but when you got a 50 spin re trigger i was thinking maybe £400-£600 plus,nice vid though.
Lovely hit mate
Some tidy little wins there
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Congrats Jokepoteer on your wins Smile €0.80 or €0.90 would be the sort of bets I'd use too for online gambling, with a self-imposed £25/month (or €uro equiv) limit.

Nice graphics on Kittens even if a bit overly cute! I've definitely played King of Africa somewhere, can't remember where though. The logos, especially the tree does remind me of the Lion King a bit.
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(05-10-2015, 08:08 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: Congrats Jokepoteer on your wins Smile  €0.80 or €0.90 would be the sort of bets I'd use too for online gambling, with a self-imposed £25/month (or €uro equiv) limit.

I just want to put this out there to the viewers that it's been far from just "rainbows and unicorns" at Jokepoteer HQ.  Obviously I only post my big (or interesting) wins because no-one wants to watch an hour of dead spins, everyone likes to watch a Williams slot go off its tits or a full screen of symbols land.

I've had some horrendous losing days last two years,  but this year has been fucking stupid- just can't lose on anything, walk into a well-covered Shipleys with £300 and walk out 2 hours later with £900 - the Vampire's Embrace win and a few others were pretty much first few pounds in. Go online and 9 times out of 10 I cash out with £200-£1000 profit even on low stakes, mostly sticking to Williams Interactive stuff. The Fire Queen £800 video I posted earlier was the first spin for crying out loud.

The only difference being that in 2013-2014, I was going through a terrible cash crunch and really needed to win.  So I usually lost.  Now in 2015, I've got plenty of money, and sorted things out, and it's flying at me from all directions every time I gamble.  It's like luck has just turned, and it's been like this for 6 months now. I imagine quite a few people can relate to this.
Thanks for the uploads mate
well done with the recent luck and hope the luck continues. any sites you would recommend?
pornhub?! lol
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Nice one!

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