sky vegas wish upon
20 matchplay for 40 didthe 800 wager withdrew 350 still got 355 in credit  GTFIT GATW
end result withdrew 350 already in my paypal so all gd
just checked sky got 65 free  GTFIT
Know a few people who play at sky and it seems to be pretty fair, regular bonuses, decent gameplay for money and even a few decent wins
yeah sky is my fav site for online when I do have a flutter
I usd to play a lot at sky vegas, complained one day and the customer service person could not understand why I was raising an issue, got so wound up eventually I went into vent mode and my account got excluded, which I eventually found out was 5 years. Shame as they used to do some good offers.
yh very fair all games give gd gameplay won another 25 off there 1m giveaway last night withdrew 200 and still got some in credit also got a gd choice of games  :rave GTFIT
Congrats on the wins Antanders Smile  I hardly do online gambling for real, but I do have an account with Sky and I like playing their machines on demo.  If I play for real, I'll usually just stick with Reel King which is same as the arcade version less the 'lucky gambler' trigger.
no prob and ty and just playing mental money monster just got 5 of a kind for 90 as had a wild so 123 bonus not bad
just on alien now 2p max 30p total just killed the hive queen for 72 bonus total 101  GTFIT
Been having good success on the coral site for slots in the past few days, 2 day withdraw too!
what you play how much what stake
Rhai flowers and RD mainly! Had a hit or two on wild knights too
nice congrats hope for more
Sorry mate just noticed you asked for the stake too, between £1 and £3
not a problem just intresting to see which games pay what on which stake

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