I don't think he does exchange a £100 box in this vid actually, we must be getting our forcuses mixed up, but he does exchange a £50 after getting a CaSHp0t offer a few boards earlier. Crazy.
He does in one of them it puts in 7 or something! Tiger then takes the piss out of him.... Comedy gold
The following 1 user Likes ob's post:
That is the video, it's 21 minutes in.

Tiger says "so you ain't won jackpot" "have you sacrificed the 100 quid for 7?" Your a fucking idiot.

Haha. The winging it comment is about 4 mins later when he gets a cash pot offer and then a deal game on the next board, comedy gold.
The following 1 user Likes danielj's post:
Nah he says winging it in this one! It's all in this vid then :D
(10-06-2015, 09:22 PM)mooster Wrote: Nah he says winging it in this one! It's all in this vid then :D

One of the best videos around,almost half a hour of pure genius!..puts fawlty towers to shame,the tiger is on top form!.. I may have to watch this focuses vid again now!..
The following 1 user Likes playford7's post:
If you haven't watched it... Do it lol
Tiger to timmy 'you sacrificed 100 quid for 7...' Hahaha brilliant!..that's when he goes on to accuse Timmy of winging it lol

You snake! lolol
The following 1 user Likes ridye's post:
(10-06-2015, 09:54 PM)ridye Wrote:

You snake! lolol

Haha!..thought he had hung up his fruity boots!..he's back,and on the worst deal ever???..
(10-06-2015, 09:50 PM)ob Wrote: If you haven't watched it... Do it lol

He really should've muted the background sound before posting that vid - he even ends up calling himself a bellend towards the end!

Entertaining stuff and dreadful judgement.

130 in or 300? You decide ... lol
This machine may at times offer a choice where the player has every chance of bankruptcy
The following 1 user Likes Nixxy's post:
He's right on that bankers birthday "bet ya cashpot goes straight away" then he ruins it by saying "that's because it's dead"....

No that's because it's an absolute bag of shite that always takes cashpot/mega streak first round so it controls the deal amount!

Bellfruit really need a player on their books to sort out this crap!
The following 2 users Like ob's post:
megastreaklover01, SmegHead
Bankers birthday is pointless...need a miracle to profit on that,vip not much better tbh. He's getting a few nasty comments on his you tube,all seems to got out of hand for timmy, I enjoy his videos but hate all the seaside/toastie argument shite that goes with it,should just be a Tim and tiger channel,that's d have some value lol
true identity and the "20k win" lolol

Feel sorry for him in a way as knows he has a problem but there's something disturbing about the videos tbh,his fruit videoes have a light side but the anti gambling ones seem a bit strange..and 800 in a rainbow Richards is a bit strong

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