Standen09 DOND Diary!!
Thought I'd start making a diary see what I can keep track of my losses and winning.. Smile
Went to 3 pubs after work.. Played two DonD lives and a Cops and Robbers Safecracker
1. DonD Live.. 75 in 110 out.. Red reels first few spins, mucked about with boxes for ages £4 box repeated to 12, 2 back through for a one box game for the £100.
2. Safecracker.. 50 in 50 out.. Annoying cause there was a 100 pot on it..
3. DonD Live.. 35 in 124 out.. Dealing from the start few crap boxes then a one box game for 45 £4/£100 finish.. Red reeled straight away bout 10 for a board for 4 phones.. Round the board 5 stack hit ? Cob a mega streak for flat.

160 in 284 out
124 profit!!
That is a cracking start and I hope that your good luck continues. 
Great to see another diary, keep us posted mate and nice start
Cheers.. Had a bizarre session a seal the deal.. Was 25 in for a 73 cashpot proceeded to stack to 6 quid, super board but no deal or no deal for 90 and then a 49 offer with 100/6 finish..  :-(
Anyway make or break did me for 35, was 80 in that for a 45 offer.. Had a 36 out of Dublin your money off 14 and a  GATW out of family guy for 87 bout 20 in.  All in all not a bad couple of days..  Pay for my weekend drinks!! Smile
It's been a mixed fortunes the last couple of weeks.. Had a torrid time on a seal the deal, a family guy, monopoly millionaire and a live the dream!! Good times on a couple of flickers and couple of dond live's!!
Seal the Deal 180 in 100 out.. Gaming bout 30 in just would not roll in a decent box in the end the wrong 100 came out :-(
Family Guy  140 in 57 out.. Dealing first board 3 70 boxes super streaking and it mugs me off everytime for a tenner box or 15 box, will probably leave this alone and hopefully it burns to the ground!!
Midas Touch 89 in 100 out.. First time playing this very rigged box first 4 boxes all a tenner.. Mmmm suspicious!!
The Big One  20 in 57 out.. Not a big fan of these try not to touch any of the new deals but dealing first board for 25 offer. Watched a few other people pump it and took another 22 in two board of deal..
4 Flickers gave me 35. 70 and 50, 50, 50
Monopoly Millionaire 100 in 74 out usually a good machine for me although this time decided to mug me off with rubbish boxes untill a cob win stepper 36 then 40 box 2 quid later woop!!
Deal or no Deal Live 40 in 100 out.. Usual story on both one box game 100 box.. I like this machine defiantly one of the better converted 70's
DonD Live the Dream  125 in 75 out.. Torrid time on this gaming 30 in crap boxes for ages then a 75 box rolled in!!
That's about it payday Thursdays so will b out to check the local bits will post then
Don't forget to display those all important running totals, matey  ;)
Ah yes.. I was at work last night had to rush off and move equipment..
In total I am now:
Little trip to spoons last night after work for a beer DonD Double Chance was my only real option and the only decent thing in my spoons ATM so got my beer n stuck in some coins first board fiver stack.. Carry on bout 35 in first super deal game came along 6 box crap finish either side no deal 6 repeats to 12 annoyingly.. Next deal comes 65 in for 50p no repeat 75 in for a £50 box.. Was only 2 phones away on the train so stuck couple more pounds in to fill the trail for a super start only for it to deal and give me a £25 box money back.. Not quite sure why I got another deal.. Still figuring that out.
Pound in The Big One check pots 50p:£10.40 £1:100 first spin red reels Smile 4 more spins and on the board for dond, I'm hopeful for a quick 15 box, first deal was a rubbish box, next board dond for a 100/cp/8/4 finish, clearly not the 4 little check of the boxing I'm ruling out 100/8, no deal, 8/4 disappear for a cashpot offer.. Nearly fell over and repeated smashed the deal button.. No repeat!! :-( take next board dond 50 quid box.. Finally beat this lump of shite.. Thank you to whoever pumped it before!! Smile

Dond Double Chance  In:75 Out:75
Dond The Big One  In:10 Out:145
Day Total  In:85 Out:220
Running Total:  In:1307 Out:1639
Pretty poor session last night, decided to go to a few pubs I haven't been to in a few weeks.
Started off with DonD Spank the Banker 3 in 3 out flat on it's arse 25/21/33 pots.

Next place DonD Red Hot 5 in 4 out not very lively and no pots 25/11.50/23.50.

Next place Cops & Robbers Safecracker 35 in for DonD 2/100 finish £2 box, couple of repeats, 55 in next deal 10p/100 finish 10p box no repeat, 60 in third deal game leaves 4/CP 41 offer so dealt as it was the 4 box.

Does anyone else find that a max pot is difficult to get?? I've played a number of different unit's and same thing happened all the time.. IMO they've made this machine so tight since converted to 100!!

DonD Double Chance 135 in for 104 out.. Took an age to deal was on £5 stack for a eternity.. Deal came after about 50 quid loads of rubbish £1 boxes 10/20p boxes finally got my cashpot £100 after 135 was down to 65 left when was left with a 25 cashpot(74) finish for 44 offer.. Deal!! Fiver back through for a cob of bust!!

Seal the deal was my last stop 40 for deal..  £8 box.. Next deal 65 on for 76 cashpot, £5 stack next board cob for 3 quid repeat once!!
Session Total:
In:260 Out:221
Running Total:
In:1567 Out:1860

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