dsk's Diary.
I've been meaning to keep a diary of my wins and losses, so why not start now seeing as JPF has a section for it.

Today, I lost £20 in Rocky on 50p/spin. Yeah, weak, but pots were very good so decided to give it a go.

Good luck with the diary drink
Diary area has been looking sparse these days. All the best and look forward to more reports drink


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
Hi mate iv'e been waiting for some one to do a diary for a while as i enjoy reading them, but not many people are doing them at the moment, i did one last year but stopped it at the end of Dec because i couldn't be arsed doing it anymore, but it gave me a very good idea of my losses and profits for the year and thankfully i finished with a profit of over £1500, but if i wouldn't of done the diary i would never of thought that i was in profit,

anyway i hope you have as much look as i did and end up with a nice profit, and remember to keep writing them in your diary no matter how big or small the win's or losses are,

i look forward to reading the next ones mate,

cheers Damo
Keep em coming mate
Hope you did go to work in the end lol


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
Absolutely hate that Ladbrokes, it's only the size of a bedroom! Been in there twice and both times they didnt have all the racecards up for the day but of course they've still got room to squeeze 4 poxy machines in. I shall not be returning!

Some decent games in those arcades, I must get down there one day.
Best hurry up as heard mr p's shutting at the end f July although they've a party day on the 26th supposed to be great, even Im thinking of a trip before its to late
Looking forward to hearing your Casino encounters.
(07-28-2014, 08:09 AM)dsk link Wrote: Trip to Mr P's on friday. Stupidly popped into Nobles while I was waiting for Mr P's to open.  Did £110 in that new wizard of oz game, total tripe, not one feature, biggest win was £12 on £2 stake. Biggest win on £1 stake was £8.

At Mr P's I had a great time but stupidly decided to play all three vegas nights at once and got caught on all of them going for the big top. Changed up at least £100 for those and came off them with about £40 back.. Must have all paid a massive top before I got to them. Rest of the day was spent playing Labyrinth and clones, Andy Capp, Viva Las Vegas Six, Cherry Bar and a few others here and there.

In all I spent £340. aside from Nobles, I had a great day. But I have learnt a lesson. Never take your bank card with you when going for a gamble.

No more gambling for me until September, will be going on a cruise that also has a casino. I'll be taking only $100 with me and lowrolling for some fun when the ship is at sea for the day. I will report back with the results, but expect it to be a flat $100 loss. Will also no longer be gambling unless it is at reelfruits, Mr P's or if I can get along to a JPF Meet. No more than 4 times per year, with a set amount of cash and no bank card to tempt me. I cant afford to keep doing this every month.

Thanks for having this Diary section, its helped me realise how much of a fool I have been.

Total -£542. Could have bought some nice clothes or a new phone with that.
Yep that's the good thing about keeping a diary, as when you read it back it makes you realise how much you actually gamble and throw away, thankfully when i did mine last year i had a good profit by the end of the year, thank's to some nice wins, but most of my profit was made on £5 jackpots believe it or not, did have a few nasty losses aswell though
Yeah i often used to play 3 or 4 machines at the same time, it's ok when there all streaking and throwing jackpots in, but when there on the take they can eat hundreds in no time at all and that's the £5 jackpot ones,
i remember going through a row of Bar 7's once in one of my local arcades, there was about 12 of them in a row and i went through all of them just putting like £2 or £3 in each one and i got at least one jackpot from each machine, ended up making about £100 profit in about 15 mins,
this old biddy was watching me and she commented to one of the workers that she thought i was up to something, as i was going from machine to machine and taking jackpots out of each one lol
Totally agree with you about the cruise,me the wive and
the in laws went on a royal Caribbean cruise,the sovereign of
the seas about seven years ago and everything about it was
amazing,it was a Mediterranean one stopping off at seven countries.
The weather was spot on too which always helps,definitely going to
do another.
Unlucky mate, alot of us on here have been through the same,  I never ever take cards out with me anymore if I'm going near arcades or bookies,  good luck mate hope everything works out for you
Hope you get it sorted pal.

Damo, I've given you a DONK mate, because I see you're begging for them in your sig
(10-20-2014, 02:33 PM)DONK! link Wrote: Hope you get it sorted pal.

Damo, I've given you a DONK mate, because I see you're begging for them in your sig
  thebird lol I would give you one, but as you've got nearly 67000 I don't think it would make much difference,  can admin or a mod please put my DONK count to 66666 please
I now want to go out to sea on a cruise, I've posted here along time ago the same.

Let's have a meet on one lolol

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