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Fan-fucking-tastic result! Hate Phil scolari and hate sideshow bob(luiz) even more! Loving this  :)
spa is loving the fact he has Germany in the works sweepstake :)

Brazil have literally been dragged into the semis by the officials. There was fuck all they could do to help this time, well apart from not sending Luiz off twice that is, or even their first corner. Was nowhere near out! Was sitting there thinking, here we go again.......... bet they score from this....  rofl
Love this :)

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Well DONK, I wanted Netherlands to win... guess I'll be cheering Germany on now lol
I think these fans are brilliant,

The translation is quite funny too... ;D
Got to be goals in this. I've done a few bets but my biggest bet is on Holland to win and over 2.5 goals at 4/1.
Wow!! 2 mins and 1 up. Sweet!!
Got it just in the nick of time mate drink
Yeah, bit of a result at the end there. I had layed off a bit on no more goals as soon as it went 2-0 anyway but that was still my best result.
How much did you have on Holland winning and over 2.5 goals? Good odds at 4/1
Had a bullseye on it. Then as soon as it went 2-0 I had a score on no more goals at 8/1 to cover it. It puts a bit more in war chest for the open this week.  >:D

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