R.I.P my deepest respect too Jamesys partner, friends, work colleagues during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you all.
Message from James missus, Charlote...

I have confirmed the date and time for jamie funeral will be held at wilford hill crem on Friday 23rd may at 3.40pm, then the wake to follow at nottingham city hospital leisure centre.

If you need more info can you let me know if people want to come i am happy but can i have numbers for the food etc please.

Thanks for all your help.

Southern Cemetery and Crematorium (Wilford Hill)
Loughborough Road
West Bridgford


Just to add folks, I know it's a bit short notice, but if any of you are thinking of attending, can you let me know by this SUNDAY EVENING, so Charlote has time to make sure everyone is catered for.

Getting to the crem, jump on to google maps, and use the above addy.

Bus wise.....

Following Notts City Transport service stops outside, but please note, it's exact change on this service, or alternatively you can use a Kangeroo ticket, which covers all buses in the main nottingham area for £4.20 all day..... these can be purchased on any bus service in nottingham, at Nottingham Train Station, or at the main enquires office at Broardmarsh bus station, and the tourist office on old market square.


The wake is being held at the city hospital leisure centre.....


North Road,
Off Edwards Lane,

Bus wise, any service going near the city hospital is good, including the free medilink service, that runs from the QMC and tram depo, or use the Trentbarton Threes service from Victoria Bus Station.

I am going to try and make it but its very short notice for me  as I don't know If I have a appointment coming up

but I wont know till late Tuesday nite / wendsday

as I know there is something due but its when
as I do wont to pay my respects as james was a top bloke with a heart of gold
no idea who this bloke is, but sad news.
its jameseys funeral today  :'(
Sad Hope all goes as well as it can.
Yep..... gotta give Capt Low-Stakes a good send off and make sure he has some tokens for the journey...
(05-23-2014, 08:08 AM)stanmarsh14 link Wrote: Yep..... gotta give Capt Low-Stakes a good send off and make sure he has some tokens for the journey...

Lol I bet Jamesy would have laughed at that.. hope all went well..
Well folks.....

Was a good do, and a large turnout too, mostly Rail staff, and good to see his right hand guy Mick speaking up for him.....

Phil (mrx) did ok in more ways than one..... struck it lucky on a few machines to the point all his travel costs and other expenses paid for plus £50 clear quid too (Think around £90 in all), mostly from a club crazy fruits @ the wake (Was battered to hell), and something over at the local Weahterspoons in Derby.....

He remarked (Which was very appropate at the time)..... James must have been smiling down on me :)
Post from his missus Charlotte.....

Thank you everyone for your kinds words.... i just hope that i have done justice for my amazing husband, my best friend and soul mate. rest in peace jamie xxxx
add a deal or no deal turbo super deal game for 62 quid of a deal or bust to that as well

I hope I have done you proud jamesy lad :)
shame the machines at east midlands airport was working okey though

as my favourite machines the reds was fucked

cash or bust the belt reel

indy the number reel

sort it out sceptre
Did any of you guys find out the cause of death?

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