RIP. I enjoyed reading his traveller's tales, myself fond of a good trek at times. I never knowingly met him, but he came across as a true gent on here. My thoughts go out to his family at this sorrowful time.
R.I P mate, you were a gent.. too young too go, gutted even reading the news.
Can only echo everything that's already been said, never had the chance to meet the guy but it's clear to see he's commended a lot of respect & will be missed.

RIP & condolences to his family.
Terrible news Sad

I propose a meet in his hometown, on his birthday as a mark of respect. 

R.I.P Sad
I'm with Craig and I heard about this earlier when he got a message from Jamesy's wife.

Totally gutted to hear, met him a few times and he was a top guy

RIP buddy.
what a terrible situation for all involved. will be much missed. my deepest sympathy to all his friends and family at this time. may you rest in peace mate.
Absolutely tragic news, how do you even react?  Just shows life is far too short to be moaning and arguing over machines!

R.I.P Sad
Utterly shocked, RIP Jamesy.
Awful news and thoughts are with family. No age at all really :-(

I am in a owe it to him
Always a pleasure to have on the board and always some cheap train tickets going alongside always offering help to any member that you could. Dont recall a bad word ever said about anyone and fuck me, this is no age to be dying, you and your family should be looking towards the future, i know how excited you was about Vegas. Its at times like this, it annoys me how some people waste their lives, and people like yourself, get robbed. To all the people still with us, live life to the max, no regrets, you never know when its time. Deepest condolences to your family Jamesy, and another life taken too soon.
Awfull news, never met him but i enjoyed reading his posts and he seemed like a nice lad. Thoughts go out to family. Such a shame R.I.P jamesy
Absolutely terrible news. RIP Jamesy.
This is a massive shock - my condolences go out to his family.

Sadly I never got to cross paths with him even at the Notts meet
Terrible news and no age at all. Condolences to his family.

I enjoyed his travels thread. Can we sticky/lock it for posterity, please?

(04-20-2014, 01:13 AM)spa link Wrote: Terrible news Sad

I propose a meet in his hometown, on his birthday as a mark of respect. 

R.I.P Sad

I think this is a brilliant mark of respect
Horrible news Sad

May he rest in peace.  Always liked reading his posts - seemed a really nice guy.
Some memories with James and two other lads from my FME groups, at the ICE Expo ExCeL London in February...

Some pic's myself and James took on the day.....


One thing that did may me laugh from that day, was Jame's comments about this very strange casino slot pod thingie from Gauselmann Group...

Horrible news. I didn't know the guy but I did love reading his jamesys travels thread. Rip.

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