Oh dear Liverpool
(02-19-2015, 09:27 PM)voodoo Wrote: Have to say Liverpool are a lot better to watch than United atm, Ibe seems like one hell of a player

He does. But if I was in charge of Liverpool I'd want to know why the manager paid £100 million for a load of bench warmers and let this guy go out on loan. But instead of that he gets praised for bringing him back. Totally bizarre.
I see man u are 3.6. That's got to be worth a tenner! Ok, Liverpool should be all over them but at those odds.....
And there it is.

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What a fool gerrard is, past it
Work will be fun today! all the bin dippers back in their caves
Leading up to the match I've never known so much confidence from Liverpool fans, it was as if they only had to turn up to win.

I must admit I even got drawn in by it and backed Liverpool !

Good bet spa..5/2 for United, you very rarely see that. They were definitely the value.
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
2 MAJOR f~ck ups by Gerrard in the past 2 seasons!
Gerrard had a huge impact in them not winning the title, and if they dont get a spot this season then a huge impact in them not getting champs league.

Gerrard received 4/10 in the Daily Mirror for those few seconds that he was on the pitch - the same as Moreno who played the full 90mins lol !!

I just hope we don't qualify for that Europa League! I  can't be doing with that crap on a Thursday night, and then we have play every Sunday. Sturridge is out for a month so we should be OK on missing out... :D
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Will we all be cheering Man Utd on tonight then?!!
Like fuck I will, all this cheering for other teams is bollox I'm Liverpool through and through!!
can't massively begrudge them that in light of recent happenings but still pretty gutted, they seem to always get what they don't deserve!
In Jose's first season he's won more trophies than Liverpool and Spurs combined in the last 10 years.

Yet that Cub Scout leader Flop is a hero and Jose is past it!!!

Turn it in. Let's see what that jack in the box idiot does over the next couple couple of seasons before he fucks off to Bayern or the national side.
Spurs have done fuck all EVER!!

League Cup is not much better than 5 or 6 Premier League points, if that?

Utd played pretty shit all the way through thhe Europa and didn't play anyone that could make top 6 in the Premier League?




Oh and Mourinho is a total wanker, like everyone else, past and present at Man U!

But he's a winner. Look at his CV. U can't argue with facts.
Yeah Ferguson was a wanker wasn't he. A winning wanker.

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