Potty Quiz 2 The Second Coming
I'm also named after a film.
Is it some kind of star wars? A new hope would be my guess?
No mate not a Star Wars in fact it's not even a Barcrest/Red lol
The Holy Grail - Empire?
Nope lol
Gotcha, Great fucking Escape.
Almost said Terminator then saw the "Not a red" post


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:) drink  Yes it's The Great Escape by Crystal, the more memorable was a Maygay lol

1, Viva Last Vegas
2, Crown Jewels - Matty
3, The Great Escape - Inspector Sands
4, Alien - Matty
5, It's Amazing _ Inspector Sands
6, Monopoly Double Money - Matty
7, Bankers Bonus - Kong
8, Pots of Gold - Inspector Sands
9, Hot Shot - Robbo
10, Money Mad Monsters - Inspector Sands
11, Dragon Fire - Mr X
12, Monopoly In A Spin - Inspector Sands
13, Gold Rush - Inspector Sands
14, DOND Turbo - Kong
15, GOALLLLLLLL! - dondplayer
16, DOND Open The Box - Matty
17, Cheesy Rider - Inspector Sands
18, Crazy Chair Gold - dondplayer

[Image: fn7gav.jpg]
Cheers for quiz peeps drink
Some tough ones in there - would never have got that Crystal one
Can't make it too easy with all the machinists on here lol
These quizzes are proper good fun and some answers are pretty challenging as well. Works on all levels! Chweers Steel


CEO of JPF Japan. Coming to Japan? PM me for signtseeing, drinking and gambling.
Great quiz Steely.

Maybe if you do another, should do a classics one and maybe a newer classics one.

If you don't do another, fair enough. I enjoyed these 2 quizzes  :)
I did another one on a classics board but respectively anyone under 35 would have have problems with it in fact some older than me had trouble with it but they where like £1 jackpots and stuff.

Do you mean machines like £15 to £25 era?

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