monday night football & punditry
hate man u and hated Gary Neville even though he was a great player.but I have to say he has raised the bar on punditry. brilliant last season and now we have Carragher on board has well! just watching the first 10 mins you know they will have great chemistry and they know what they are talking about, unlike some other deadwood pundits.....most on MOTD then lol.

So, who are your favourites and who do you think talks a load of  shit ?

I like:

Neville (see above)
keane (even though he's an arse and a says "listen" a lot)
Dixon (lets hope he stands up to keane a bit more aswell)
Souness ( a very serious man and not afraid to upset people)
Hoddle ( should get another shot at managing England)
Merson, tiss and Thompson (hilarious)
Savage ( I know!!!???)
Collymore ( phone in show on the radio is excellent)


Hansen ( Liverpool legend but as a pundit he has gone like MOTD stale and boring, sorry)
keown ( twat and the way he digs at stoke ,I just want to smash the telly when he's on)
Crooks (nuff said)
Southgate ( zzzzzz)
Redknapp ( flash git )
Claridge ( absolutely!)

that will do for starters  lol
Neville, my most hated person ever on the whole planet.
yeah your right he his a cunt!  lol bet you were in the stands when he ran up to the crowd badge kissin etc after they won at anfield a few years back lolol
Did it at Old Shatford as well, horrible cunt, I feel anger when I even post about the inbred fuck.
Did you hear this quip  :D

Neville on RVP: 'He's like a burglar in your house, you don't know where he is'
Carragher: 'You'd be under the bed'
Gary Neville: 'You'd be the burglar'
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
lolol  great stuff.they will be must see viewing this season

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