I get what youre saying buddy and I totally agree.

Both online and bookies have their own pros/cons/people that use them, but its gambling all the same, and its all shite so needs some serious regulations.

Id just make it so anyone that wants to gamble anywhere needs a membership card. Sign up, get it delivered, then you can set limits, exclusions, etc. Then just scan the card on the fobts/online and away you go. 

Stakes being capped in the bookies is a very good idea imo. 2 quid max is plenty. As for online it should be capped to a reasonable level on most sites. Not 400 a spin on rr lol. Then you can always have high roller sites, etc.
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Ahhh good ole FOBTs.. I’ve had some mega results on roulette on these, sometimes a small punt with change yields massive results.  Other times tilt mode yields massive losses.. 16 x £100 spins in a row lost was my worst, losing £3300 in one afternoon.  On the other hand a quick £200 deposit in Betfred returned £2800 in less than 15 minutes.  Swings and roundabouts really but if you’re spinning at 50 or 100 a spin, chances are you’ll never have enough money to average out the percentage.  Gamblers fallacy is the worst, when your number has been in a few times in close succession, so you change number and it keeps coming in.. so you tilt your bollocks going back to your favorite number (23) which lands one or 2 away.. or when there’s 10 blacks in a row, so you punt red and double up your bet to see 3 zeros and another 8 blacks in a row.  Self exclusion helped but still led me to going in arcades and service stations more. 

Arcades would break me coz even when you would have days when it seemed
Like everything you touched turned to gold.  You’d end up rowing a POG or something like a £100 wish upon a jackpot and blow all your profit, then be desperate to win it back.  It’s all how your mind works at the end of the day, and if you can’t control yourself it can be dire situation to Be in.  

Then you’d go on YouTube or jack potty and see everyone’s brags and feel like absolute shit coz you’re absolutely clueless and all these people are making fortunes, or so they will claim anyway!

End of the day the whole country needs regulating, from AWPs all the way to FOBTs and casino level.  But at least it’s a step in the right direction hey
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megastreaklover01, proevodaddy
Gawd bless the RNG
yeah Moff.....ban ban ban ban ban !!
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(01-24-2018, 04:32 PM)Toastie Wrote: Wouldn't mind the government taking over all uk gambling tbh

That's a dangerous and counter-productive mindset advocating the establishment taking over the industry.  They will tax it to the hilt which will mean lower machine pay percentages .  What will this achieve?  2 things.

1. The degenerate addicts will continue playing in bricks-and-mortar and lose more.

2. The rest will go online, using off-shore gambling sites to avoid the gov't taxes.
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Well I don't like seeing the money flow out of the country or to the slimey individuals that currently get too much money for what they provide!

If it aint the weasly git at the local arcade that says a £100 poker machine was playing as it should when you've just spaffed £1100 through with out getting to the ton, going through swap after swap losing, then it's the inbreeds at the bookies that want to charge you 70p for a fucking can of drink when you are 2k in to the wheel!

Gambling is not buying entertainment or it's price would be capped in line with other entertainment!

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