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Football Bets :) - keno - 03-22-2011

Any bets?

Re: Football Bets :) - keno - 04-01-2011

Birmingham 6/4
Sheff Wed 5/4

£10 Double.

Re: Football Bets :) - JonWindle - 04-02-2011

Accum for today...



Re: Football Bets :) - keno - 04-02-2011

Nice to start the new forum with a win :) £56.25 return drink

Re: Football Bets :) - JPMmonopoly60 - 04-02-2011

Nice one you schlaaaaaaagggggggggggggggg I had Huddersfiled, Exeter and Brighton. Brighton let me down with a 2-2 boooo.

Re: Football Bets :) - keno - 04-02-2011

Tranmere failing to score chinned me on my 5 game goals galore bet. Fookin bin dippers!

Re: Football Bets :) - JonWindle - 04-03-2011

Nice win there Keno.....could do with a win myself!!


Re: Football Bets :) - keno - 04-03-2011

Cheers mate.

Re: Football Bets :) - reedy - 04-05-2011

currently got a seven team gg on got
bristol rovers
leyton orient
will pay £380 if all come in lol

Re: Football Bets :) - reedy - 04-05-2011

only one of em came in  :'( and that was burton   lol

Re: Football Bets :) - JPMmonopoly60 - 04-05-2011

Spurs got a biffing didnt they, cant believe Inter lost that badly at home!

Re: Football Bets :) - reedy - 04-06-2011

it was a right good game though the inter one nice to see raul on the score sheet

Re: Football Bets :) - Sharpy - 04-06-2011

done a bet last night, £15 accm.

had Reading 4/7
Leyton O 8/11
Southampton 1/2
Acc St 8/11
Mansfield 8/13
Morton 1/2

Should have known when i checked them at HT that they would all be winning and that I would end up getting screwed!

Mansfield miss a pen to make it 3-0 and they end up drawing 2-2, mother F'er! £265.60 kissed goodbye!

Re: Football Bets :) - blue streak - 04-06-2011

i know you should really do this before kick off,because its easy to put on the forum "winning" bets after the event ...... but i had 120 on reading.sheff wed and leyton orient.returns 622.
and 160 on gorica(slovenian)accrington and telford.returns 708.

just been and collected and my local bookie has now told me my bets are to be limited to a £50 stake???...WTF!!!!.

i think hes hoping that i will increase my amount of teams to make it worthwhile(because initial bet amount would now be lower)..i.e more chance of one of them slipping up!!

TOSSER agro agro

Re: Football Bets :) - reedy - 04-06-2011

tell him you off else where might change his tone then the  wanker  lol

Re: Football Bets :) - blue streak - 04-06-2011

to be fair..i have caned him these past couple o months, but he wasnt bothered about telling me to reduce my bet amounts last week when i mustve done about 1k with him!!(dont you just hate last minute goals against!!)....i think he will come round eventually,but will just play by his rules for now.

nothin like a bad loser eh?!!

Re: Football Bets :) - reedy - 04-06-2011


Re: Football Bets :) - keno - 04-06-2011

I'm sure you will get around it Ian ;)

Re: Football Bets :) - reedy - 04-08-2011

had a 16 team accumalator  for 10p if all come in pays 203k lol will be sorted for london then  lol

Re: Football Bets :) - Gambo - 04-08-2011

A famous Bob springs to mind  ;)