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Grand National - Gambo - 04-12-2018

That time of year again.

Couple of people have mentioned Anibale Fly but I've just seen it's favourite at the mo so that's probably why they said it  Smile

Anyone got any fancies ?

RE: Grand National - Boulderdash - 04-12-2018

I stopped betting on horses. My last charge in the national had to be put down.

RE: Grand National - kfcandanal - 04-12-2018

(04-12-2018, 02:54 PM)Boulderdash Wrote: I stopped betting on horses. My last charge in the national had to be put down.

Can you please bet on Piers Morgan this year?

RE: Grand National - Boulderdash - 04-12-2018

Does heinous rhyme with penis or anus. Tweet your one word answer to Piers Morgan

RE: Grand National - SpinOnIt10 - 04-12-2018

Backing Seeyouatmidnight and Ucello Conti will bring a profit I feel, assuming they stay on their feet.

At a bigger price, Gas Line Boy will likely give backers a good run for their dough.

RE: Grand National - Hungryant - 04-12-2018

Betting on neigh laddie this year.

RE: Grand National - Gambo - 04-12-2018

No one fancying final nudge then? lol

RE: Grand National - PMK - 04-12-2018

Already on!!!!

RE: Grand National - Toastie - 04-12-2018

we'll all have our final nudge one day, scary thought?

RE: Grand National - Hungryant - 04-14-2018

Didnt realize final nudge was a genuine horse,thought was a joke. Apparently theres a (monopoly) road to riches too!

RE: Grand National - paggamaggaloo - 04-14-2018

I bought the sun. Took my voucher to Ladbrokes and stuck a quid on the first name I saw Pleasant Company.
During the day I found two more copies and did likewise. Then I stuck a couple of quid more on him. £5 @33/1!

RE: Grand National - Gambo - 04-15-2018

I was on 11 horses. My main 2 being total recall and tiger roll. Had milansbar place too so managed a 65 quid raise

RE: Grand National - kfcandanal - 04-15-2018

Put bets on day before. Got pissed, forgot I'd backed tiger roll! Was checking slips for places and was well happy.

RE: Grand National - Hungryant - 04-15-2018

Yeah i got pissed too, woke up found tiger bread roll, yum yum

RE: Grand National - Mr Move It - 04-19-2018

I know a couple of people who did this year's 'Nash.

A friend did lots of small bets. One of his horses came in and he made an overall £8 raise.

Colleague at work put £5 on one horse. It came in and she won £50.