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Lights out - BiffoTheBear - 08-11-2017

this is something that seriously pisses me off.

Is it done deliberately or is it just lazy engineers? It's often on the most important lights as well.

RE: Lights out - SmegHead - 08-11-2017

Depends really. Sceptre had a habit of taking out the first cashpot 7 seg on some games yet denied it was done on purpose

RE: Lights out - ridye - 08-11-2017

Suppliers don't give a shit!

RE: Lights out - BiffoTheBear - 08-12-2017

Close to me there is a place called Matlock and it's got about 20 fruities and in nearly everyone one of them the bastard lights out on a crucial part. Had mega streak twice and didn't even realise it.

RE: Lights out - russthebus - 08-12-2017

you would have thought maintaining, assets of a business like fruit machine siting pretty essential part of the operation!

RE: Lights out - JG vs SG - 08-13-2017

Pie and power

RE: Lights out - ScouseGeezer - 08-14-2017

It appears its not much of a better story with bulbs on their vans
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