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Out in the wild!!! - wildman87 - 07-17-2017

Ok so I thought, lets see what all the fuss is about, I have been lying dormant on here for quite some time.

The itch came on very strong so here I am again! Ooooooosh!!

Big shout out to those familiar faces from years gone by and a big hello to newer Jackpotty members who will have no idea who I am LOL

I have recently revamped my YouTube and it would be awesome when you guys get a chance to go and check it out and subscribe.

I have a huge backlog of videos that are waiting to be uploaded, nothing too serious, just a bit of fun and a laugh...maybe the occasion higher stakes online gamble... hehe!

Anyway, see you all on the other side.!



Much love!

RE: Out in the wild!!! - SmegHead - 07-17-2017

Bust or bust!

RE: Out in the wild!!! - wildman87 - 07-17-2017

How did u guess ?????