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Where is? - KimGreen - 05-19-2017


Anyone seen anything new of Seaside Mark on YouTube?

Bit worried

RE: Where is? - SpinOnIt10 - 05-19-2017


Your life must be pretty plain sailing if that qualifies for your list of things to worry about.

Good grief.

RE: Where is? - KimGreen - 05-19-2017

Pointless reply.

RE: Where is? - JP 24/7 - 05-19-2017

Valid reply.

RE: Where is? - adamtheaddict - 05-19-2017

Could try phoning up a few mc d's and ask if anyone been going through the bins.

RE: Where is? - Pilsburydoughman - 05-19-2017

He is probably playing hide and seek in a fishmarket

RE: Where is? - AMK - 05-20-2017

This place is getting more and more like FRUIT CHAT by the day.

RE: Where is? - SmegHead - 05-20-2017

We'll never go offline like they have tough. To be fair, Mark brought a lot of hate on himself so some of these replies are perhaps justified

RE: Where is? - jokepoteer - 05-20-2017

Alive and kicking

RE: Where is? - AMK - 05-20-2017

No idea why Fruit Chat went offline. Maybe Mike had enough?

RE: Where is? - dondplayer - 05-20-2017


RE: Where is? - JG vs SG - 05-20-2017

I see this 'Seaside Thug' character posting all the time on YouTube slots videos. I think it's mongo moo.

RE: Where is? - Mr Move It - 05-21-2017

lol nice Hawaiian shorts Tongue

RE: Where is? - ridye - 05-21-2017

Where's Timmy and his fruity mad world channel gone?!?!?!

RE: Where is? - Pilsburydoughman - 05-21-2017

BRAINZ. Get the FUDGE in there.

RE: Where is? - megastreaklover01 - 05-21-2017

He posted a vid a few days ago saying he was leaving YouTube

RE: Where is? - Pilsburydoughman - 05-21-2017

Serious de ja vu here as he has said it about 50 times now ?

RE: Where is? - jokepoteer - 05-23-2017

Unfortunately Seaside Mark has started self-harming by cutting his wrists on stream. The channel has taken a very dark and depressive turn over the past few weeks.

RE: Where is? - HoveSam - 05-24-2017

Straight up? Maybe someone should alert the authorities and get him sectioned for his own good....

RE: Where is? - jokepoteer - 05-24-2017

Here you can see his slashed wrists, assume the video will be deleted soon as per.