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What game?.. - playford7 - 11-07-2015

After a long break from any kind of online slotting after a terrible 800 loss on various sky Vegas games during the summer in less than 3 hours I've decided to have a small go in the next few weeks,just one session where I'll put 300 into my account and have a bash,reason being due a decent tax rebate so thought I'd take on that dreaded sky Vegas again!..some may say crazy but I'd like to see how I do,I've done a bit of research by playing on sky Vegas demo...the game I'm thinking of battling is deal or no deal on sky Vegas.any thoughts or. Ideas Welcome

RE: What game?.. - Mr Move It - 11-07-2015

I don't play with real money very often with online gambling, but when I do, I tend to stick with B3-equivalents e.g. Reel King and other slots from Astra. That's because if you play it on £1, then the jackpot is £500, same as playing it on the high street.

Everyone is different though, and most gamblers will prefer the potential of winning more than 500x stake.

RE: What game?.. - playford7 - 11-07-2015

I'm undecided as yet, but do fancy this little challenge to myself,if I get to say double my stake I'll collect and cash out tbh,but the chances of that are very slim..especially with sky Vegas lol

RE: What game?.. - russthebus - 11-08-2015

I would count the money as lost... theb play something with high win potential.

Not played sky vegas for years so not sure whats on offer.

RE: What game?.. - russthebus - 11-08-2015

300 sheilds

RE: What game?.. - Damo - 11-08-2015

Much better sites to play on then Sky vegas

RE: What game?.. - playford7 - 11-08-2015

What would you recommend damo?..and what game mate?..

RE: What game?.. - ShEp - 11-11-2015

Casumo, Birds on a wire at £1 stake

RE: What game?.. - Ben44 - 05-18-2017

Hi, can you please recommend me some slots to play? I've been trying a few that didn't really impress me, but now I want a really good one!

RE: What game?.. - jerz92 - 05-18-2017

Silver lion and dragon born

RE: What game?.. - Fenso - 05-18-2017

Anything old school novomatic. Book of ra, lucky lady's charm sort of thing

Dead or alive, bonanza or 300 shields for the huge win potential

RE: What game?.. - barrybigbananas - 05-18-2017

Silver lion is a good game , some nice bonuses achievable on lower stakes

RE: What game?.. - JG Sluts - 05-20-2017

Regular bonuses usually poor but can pay big - Wild North

Hard to bonus but solid chance of decent win - Book of Ra

No nonsense quick play - Wonky Wabbits

Super low variance very safe slot - Bloodsuckers

Great production value, mid range pays - Evolution

Great production value, moderately hard to bonus, good potential - Game of thrones

Comedy theme, mid range features - TED

RE: What game?.. - jerz92 - 06-12-2017

Thought i'd pop this in here as I don't gamble online enough anymore to start a new thread for it.. but just playing some low stakes slots this evening and hit this! 398x on a game I didn't think had anywhere near that kind of potential!


RE: What game?.. - Tommy c - 06-13-2017

Got an £178 feature on lucky lady's charm on 40p stake the other day. Think it cost about 11 quid. Quite good for that stake.