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  London Main Meet, It's A Monster, July 2nd 2011
Posted by: steelfix1 - 03-24-2011, 03:49 PM - Forum: London - Replies (705)

On Saturday July the 2nd 2011 it's the Jackpottyforums main meet in London starting on the saturday morning till whenever, some go on the friday to sunday some for the

day but nomatter when ya go we start on the saturday morning and it's EPIC. more info on request. Anyone not down then please post to say, thanks

Badlands meeney
Lil steve
Blue Streak
Mark On Fire

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Posted by: Gambo - 03-23-2011, 10:39 PM - Forum: Spa - Replies (1)


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Posted by: Gambo - 03-23-2011, 10:39 PM - Forum: Keykeythe1 - Replies (6)


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Posted by: Gambo - 03-23-2011, 10:37 PM - Forum: JPMMONOPLY60 - Replies (4)


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  Butlins Bognor Regis April 15th-18th
Posted by: steelfix1 - 03-23-2011, 07:56 PM - Forum: Bognor - Replies (184)

As you'll be aware that brucegeorge put this up and im going soley by memory so if ive forgot somebody or got something wrong or you can't go then please post it here

Steelfix1 booked and fully paid
dude_se booked and fully paid
badlands meeney booked and fully paid
mtr day out
pisshead pfc day out
lil steve day out
mrs george



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Posted by: keykeythe1 - 03-23-2011, 05:54 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

Just a test poll to see how they work ect on here

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  Monopoly 60
Posted by: keykeythe1 - 03-23-2011, 05:41 PM - Forum: Old Tricks/Emptiers - Replies (8)

A brilliant game from JPM, and one of my favourites. The idea is to complete the Monopoly trial with the over laid numbers on the reels. It is a short trial so it doe not usually take long to complete. There are two bonus symbols on the centre reel, Mr Money Bags and the Monopoly 60 crystal logo. The latter awards bonuses to help complete the trial. The usual JPM bonuses are present:
Numbers in view - As it says.
Super hold - Try for your no lose gambles.
Boost - Sometimes gets you on.
Nudges - Offers one to four nudges.
Skill shot - A very good sign the machine is ready to pay. Hold cancel to slow it down.
Random stop - Once again, hold cancel.
Respin - Hold any of the three reels before they spin. Once on the board the idea is to progress around the square feature game until you reach Mayfair (jackpot), you collect something on the way, or you get game over. As you progress you will land
on property which will stay lit. Try and complete a full set for the highest win in that set plus a repeat chance. The repeat will often go a long way so it is a good idea to collect sets of £2 and over. The jackpot will only offer a repeat chance if you land on Park Lane first. This is usually achieved by jumping a skill shot on the chance card then rolling more then a one. The jackpot will most likely repeat to £40 on £10 versions so it is always worth gambling for. On the tenth square is the 'go to jail' and 'just visiting' square. If you land on this without going to jail first, you will be awarded a set of six hidden features. The best two are Rock and Roll and Sets Appeal. Rock and Roll should always be jackpot but you might like to go for Sets Appeal which flashes on several sets (not always the green or blue ones!) before you either press collect or it collects for you. The set will most likely repeat several times. Mr Money Bags will sometimes become available either by rolling in, or most likely, through nudge gambles. There are a further six hidden features to go for by keying in certain button codes. The best one is 10 nudges as you can keep bringing in Mr Money Bags until the jackpot becomes available, although this can take a long time, and sometimes but very rarely, will make the symbol unavailable on nudges. The Money Bags symbol can also be brought in through the Rock and Roll feature in case you mess up the jackpot.
Watch out for skill shot on the first chance card, try and stop it on just visiting for the hidden features. Also keep an eye out for free parking. This is a skill shot moving up to ten spaces in either direction, so either stop it on just visiting or, if that is to difficult, try for Water Works. Free parking is also a sign the machine is ready to pay out. Do not go against the odds on no lose gambles as each successful gamble will advance your exchange. It is probably best to try and reach £5 then exchange for the best chance of jackpot repeater.

Win Series - Code: 3-2-1
Description: Gives the player a number of winning combinations. Average win: £4
Hi - Lo Cash - Code: 2-3-1
Description: Directly banks £1 for Cherries. The player then Hi-Lo's up the award card banking each win. Average win: £3.80
10 Nudges - Code: 3-1-2
Description: Awards the player ten nudges. Average win: Jackpot
Crazy Reels - Code: 1-3-2
Description: The reels spin off to a random combination, all wins in the window (27 ways to win) are banked and a repeat chance is offered. If a repeat is given the reels respin and more wins are given. Average win: £4. Nearly always jackpot on £8 version.
Skill Fruit - Code: 2-1-3
Description: Each fruit in the reels window lights in sequence. The player uses there skill (true skill) to stop on the highest paying symbol. Average win: Highest fruit in thewindow.
Rapid Cash - Code: 1-2-3
Description: Cash values (20p, 40p, 60p, 80p) scroll across the display. The player tries to skill stop the highest accumulative value. Average win: £4.

JUST VISITING Hidden feature codes
Mix and Match - Code: 3-2-1
Description: The reel spins and stops on a fruit, the player is offered either to Mix or Match that fruit (Matching lines up the other two reels to form a win while Mixing rejects that fruit), if the player Mixes that fruit the second reel then spins, and offers the player another win, Mix again and the last reel spins and the fruit that
appears is automatically matched and awarded. Average win: £4.
Stop 'n' Step - Code: 2-3-1
Description: The player skill stops the middle reel. The other reels then step down to form that win. Average win: £3. Watch for mixed bars!
Rock 'n' Roll - Code: 3-1-2
Description: The player skill stops each of the reels (they move slowly in turn). A Rock On (super hold) is offered to form a win-line. Average win: Jackpot
Wild Bars - Code: 1-3-2
Description: All reels spin off to one of these winning combinations. Mixed (£1.20), single (£4 +repeat chance), double (£5), and triple bars for jackpot. Average win: £4
Sets Appeal - Code: 2-1-3
Description: Lamps sweep across the Monopoly board lighting sets, the player chooses the set that has the highest value. Average win: Take no less then the yellow £3 repeater set.
Super Spin - Code: 1-2-3
Description: The reels spin off to a winning combination. Average win: £4.

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  Club machine guides and help
Posted by: keykeythe1 - 03-23-2011, 01:56 PM - Forum: Old Tricks/Emptiers - Replies (51)

Club casino crazy

This is one of the most common club machines you'll ever see. It's quite fun to play if you're the occasional punter and can be quite rewarding if you're a Pro. The machine is trail based, has a CP and JP and also has some simalarities with a machine out after it called Royal Flush/Ace of Clubs.

How to Play: Obviously it should be backing, and have had at least £100-£150 in the cash box; this can be tricky to know for sure so good timing regarding refill days/play etc. is vital.

Basics: Don't bother holding number reels as you normally enter the trail via a gamble on x3 cherries or x3 grapes. I find it better to get onto the trail holding LOW fruits as you want to start with the cash column as LOW as possible and whilst on the trail keep it that way. So if you land on '?' and stop on BONUS pick Spins. Play for the 30 Spins, just keep going round the board, keep the cash column as low as possible. If offered the top feature - the one before the Cashpot DON'T take it unless for afterplay - it normally pays less than the Spins. If you get Bombastic at any time while playing for the Spins take the LOWEST value lit column. You will normally find that even if quite high on the feature column you can still get quite a low cash amount. Do all the above until you get offered the 30 Spins, needless to say if you still have the Extra life carry on. 30 Spins should pay between £60 to £110 although some mates of mine have seen it pay as low as £42. If getting the 30 cost you more than you get from it i.e. you put in £90 and the spins paid £65 its sometimes a good idea to play another £15-£20 through as quite often it will offer either top feature, 10-15 spins or a possible nudge for £75 on the bells. This is almost certainly true if a lot was spent on getting the Spins. Once when I put though about £190 (due of course to a refill/bad timing) to get £105 on 30 spins I carried on with another £20 and took the £75 on nudges so ended up only £25-£30 down. Lucky escape! Some good signs on this machine are 1) Spinning in 3 of a kind by itself 2) giving LOW exchanges i.e. £3 and below 3) Giving 10 Winspins in the Spins column before killing you.

The basic idea is to play for 30 Winspins and if you're lucky and have good timing you'll sometimes get the JP or CP. BEWARE! The CP and reserve fill-up quite quickly and in an average to busy club will normally drop a CP about 12 - 14 days after the last one dropped. This is a common amount of time in my experience on JPM's.

A few notes
1) The JP or CP will NOT gamble out.
2) The only common 4 of a kind win to drop in by itself after holding 3 of a kind is £10 (X4 Cherries).
3) It loves to lose on 12,11 and 2, 1's.
4) 6's and 7's are 19 times out of 20 'LOSE'
5) The JP or CP are not generally forcible. The 30 Spins however is.
6) After loosing Extra Life you have one GUARANTEED spin where you will not die.
7) The Jackpot normally comes out on the Spins column.
Cool The only difference between Casino Crazy and Caesers Palace is the letters you need to light and the numbers on the reels.
9) If you light the 1st word of the machines title + 1 letter - i.e. CASINO C or CAESERS P you will 9/10 times go to the trail.

Afterplay 4 out of 5 times there is afterplay on this for £15 to £20 in. It will either give after a CP or JP 10 Spins or more or sometimes if you're really lucky £75 on nudges or top feature. See my comment above about afterplay on taking 30 spins.

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  Roulette systems
Posted by: keykeythe1 - 03-23-2011, 01:23 PM - Forum: Old Tricks/Emptiers - Replies (8)


The Martingale system is very easy to understand and follow.  This is why it has become one of the most popular strategies used by players all over the globe.  Watch out, it is a flawed system.  But, I believe that with a few alterations the system can still be used to make consistent profits at the roulette table.
Choose a colour (we’ll use red for the example) and place a £1 on it.  Spin the wheel.
If your bet loses then double your bet for the next spin (i.e. place £2 on red).
If your bet loses again, then double up to £4
If your bet loses, double up to £8
You probably understand by now.  Keep doubling your stake if your bet loses.  STOP as soon as you win. The amount won by doubling your stake completely offsets the loss of the previous bets.
Many of you will be thinking that this is great, and that you can’t lose!  Well, this is true if two conditions are met.  Firstly, you must have an unlimited bankroll.  In theory any number of blacks may come out in a row – by doubling your stake each time starting from just £1, 15 losing bets in a row would require you to place a £32,768 stake on the next bet.  Second, and related, the system requires the casino to not have a table limit on the size of the bet accepted.  All casinos have this limit – and it is considerably smaller than £32,768!
Is it still worth using?
In my eyes, the martingale system can be used effectively as a staking plan in the short run.  However, I use the following alterations as I find it more profitable.
Don’t stick to one colour.  If you are waiting for red and five blacks have come out in a row, then go for black!  It has the same chance at coming out as red.
Play European roulette, with a single 0, and not American roulette with the single zero and double zero spaces.  You should always play European roulette for any system as the house edge is much lower.
Play a short game.  If you lose 5 in a row then stop betting and start again.  It is not worth chasing with big stakes just to break even – if you hit the table limit then you are in trouble.

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  Please read first
Posted by: keykeythe1 - 03-23-2011, 01:02 PM - Forum: Old Tricks/Emptiers - No Replies

When you read the threads below, please bear in mind i have not wrote these, i have merely collected these and posted them for your reading entertainment. And you never know you may even find a privately owned worker.

If you have anything to add to the threads please feel free to do so, in the relevant section.


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