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  Sharks Of The Caribbean.
Posted by: Lenty - 05-03-2018, 01:34 PM - Forum: Reflex - Replies (9)

Hi All,
First post on this mainly due to work/life balance. Anyway thought I would spend some time trying to understand how things have moved on since my days of DK's, Super BJ Club, SupePots to mention a few...
To be honest most very boring now I find with Noels and random brands that after a tenner or so in bore me to death so I walk.
Anyway, not much I see on this one (S of the C) so thought I would ask if useful or not? Unsure how obtaining tips work these days? For me it was promising the person that shared/sold such tip to me to keep out of their area and I respected that so it worked well !!!

PM me if needed?

Lenty. Smile

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  Musings about coin mech err 10 or 'The mech snatcher' if you like...
Posted by: JG vs SG - 05-02-2018, 10:47 PM - Forum: General - Replies (12)

We've had this post multiple times before. Machine errors, player makes a post complaining about frequency of error, player keeps on playing. Life goes on. 

On a Batman a fair way from home the other day. Walk in, bloke sat on a chair, has the phones open. Collects streak. This sort of behaviour continues for about half an hour. 

Up until now and we're talking 4pm ish, quite the shit day in all honesty. So it's a Welcome relief to jump on and see action from all angles. First version that costs £10,000 for a board at times when it gets the hump. Also looks like a tenner spitter and I'm low on tens so bung a ton or so in as various elements refuse to conspire and know that if the next crust misses the boat and removes the goodies early doors I'm paying a further eight billion pounds for my next few dabs even though I'm £6billion pounds over phones. Slight exaggeration. At least due a red reels ffs.  Ok we're onto coins. One coin goes in. It gets stuck. Hmmm. Ok, could leave it and play on twentys. Nope. OCD alert. I fire in another coin to dislodge the blockage. Success! Two coins returned.

Failure! We now have a STRIM ALARM  19 or some such nause. 

Not a problem. We'll get the staff to assist. Reboot and..........Coin mech error 10. Cheers. Can it be fixed today? No definitely not. Can they ring me when it's fixed? No. As I don't have any money left to play or collect, why would they want to ring me? The tone has changed from a helpful one to one of extreme suspicion, PMT and irritation.

I can tell this isn't going well but it's a shit day and there's potentially a few hundred quid at stake so time to pipe up a bit more. 

"Can we give this another power cycle to and leave it on for 30 seconds to see if the alarm clears?"

Apparently we can, but only just and it's through  clenched teeth and rolling eyes to one's colleagues. 

Let's count to thirty shall we?

Nope it's Murray Walker lets count to ONE with me as Rubens Barichello is barely out the hammerhead. ONE and 'oh no this isn't clearing'

"It will it will it will."

"It won't it won't it won't. I've seen this thousands of times before and it never clears." The old bar staff who suddenly go from knowing nothing to knowing it all. Great. 

"But I've just messaged Mole on the WhatsApp group and he says if I press start after thirty seconds it will...."

I don't know exactly how many seconds elapsed before the most irate woman in the world flicked the switch but one thing's for sure, you could count it on the fingers of less than one hand. 

Would I be getting a phone call?

More chance of Brighton Tony turning to Buddhism. 

I'm all out of 'may I please, please may I, may I pleases' and feel about as wanted as a pooter in a funeral wake. 

And that's the story. 

Here's another one. £120 in the bank. There's no £20s left as like a bad curry, the smells repeated. We're onto coins....we're counting down to £100 so that's obviously a dispensation of ten coins followed by a pause and a dispensation of two more coins yes that's right. Ok so we press collect again and now we get a dispensation of four coins a pause followed by a dispensation of fuck all. They weren't five pound coins either. Ok so now we can call someone over, get a pay unit err 17 and then get the rest of the money paid out normally as in £20 for a collection of £20 after the reboot. If it's not notes it's coins. It's all about the coin errors this week. Anyway I pointed out the discrepancy which was noted. The machine is now fully functional, we assume. However my IOU is not. It turns out only Bob deals with the short pays and he's in on Widdershins to the third gibbous moon of the final ascension before Summer. I need to walk in sideways between the hours of a quarter past twelfty and half to the west of an evenly odd day of the week and give the secret handshake to get a direct line to the pet poodle at Gamestec HQ. 

Here's the gripe. If ever I get a short pay or some sort of an error in an arcade, bingo, bookies or casino it's usually in most circumstances resolved there and then and we can move on. 

If I get a short pay in a service station, someone calls me to tell me when the money is in the safe at WHSmiths. It's a bit inconvenient but OK fair enough I guess and I eventually get paid what I'm owed. 

If I get a short pay or error in a pub then it's time to hit the Zantac, Nurofen and Kalms. Not OK. Roll an even to get your money, roll an odd to lose the will.  

I propose all pubs are limited to a new category of machine of which they may have only one. Category W for woozy. 1p max stake, max jackpot 50p. Must be bombproof and made from the highest quality components. If it breaks through sheer technical incompetence, everyone in the pub gets a free alcoholic bevarage on the hour, every hour until it is repaired.

 The END.

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Posted by: Andrewc23 - 05-02-2018, 10:25 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (1)

Just saying hello

Going to have a good look through the forum to see if i can find a solution to a problem I have with one of my machines. I recently got into the fruit machine market and look to have a good collection for my man cave. I recently bought a Barcrest Take it or Leave it Fruit Machine with a mpu6 Board. managed to get the .bin files and reload the software but the machine is now displaying


Any Help would be greatly appreciated .

many Thanks in Advance 

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  quids in america
Posted by: maz00ma - 04-28-2018, 03:08 AM - Forum: Betcom/ Gsquared/ Blueprint - Replies (22)

Man had to write this absolutely raging..its the only betcom that seems to really screw you right over on a force,,dunno if its the stupid forced wins it gives you on the gamble and when your going round the board that affect it.. because never seems to matter that much on the bank jobs,,anyway was defo going from the off 10 quid shot 15 win spins,,playing it on 50p so it doesn't give you that extra win bonus,,took 170 for a 100,,reran,,190 for 100,, then 240 for a 100 am like seriously fuk right off,,last one 310 for 100,,thats accumulated so obviously 310 total in,,but fuck me none of the others do that at all,,your maybe in 220 - 230 max after running a few times ,, had to leave it as shutting time as well, tried after board 10 quid on deal, next board killed me at 3 quid,, most brutal on a com yet..had that a couple of times, only on quids as well,,think you either get the 150 and walk, or 100 and try for afters,,and just take a 50 - 70 hit..certainly doesn't like the reforce!! anyone else found quids that brutal?

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  Blueprint King Of Games
Posted by: Top Tramp - 04-27-2018, 02:49 PM - Forum: Betcom/ Gsquared/ Blueprint - Replies (51)

There's a bloke in my local who regularly comes and and spunks all his cash on the Blueprint King Of Games terminal.
I've got chatting to him lately, as I'm often tearing my head out on the Betcom next to it. He's a nice bloke, but his tactic seems to be to stick in hundreds of quid and if he doesn't win, he moves onto the next machine (there are three King Of Games in the pub), and presumably then the next pub.
He seems to play all sorts of games with fairies, bank robbers and leprechauns and switch between them all.
He even puts on auto spin when he goes to the bar/toilet.
As I've never (knowingly - except whilst drunk) really played these things, I find them fascinating. 
I once showed him how to get a DOND to GATW after he'd lost about £200 in it. Think it took about another £70 but at least he got £150 back.
He showed me this Batman Begins game the other day where the bronze, silver and gold cashpots are all on £100, and told me he'd lost over £200 in the machine on a different game.
I blindly stuck £90 into Batman and came out with a £50 win, so £40 down. So I've never really touched them again.
I've tried to explain Betcom forces to him, but I don't think he really understands. We now agree that's "my thing".
My question is - if I've just watched him sink £250 into a single machine, and more importantly he's happily told me so, and then he's moved onto another machine and invited me to play, should I jump on rather than losing another £20 on an Oliver's Twist?
If so, what's the tactic? Just play the same game as him? Choose a different one? How much would I need to invest?
Is it all about winning small but then gambling up the pies with these games rather than waiting for a jackpot which might never come?
By the way, that Batman game is still on £100 bronze, £100 silver and £100 gold, if anyone want to know where it is!

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  What happens in Norway
Posted by: Scatter7 - 04-27-2018, 02:02 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Some of you are probably already aware that some changes are in the works for our Norwegian friends. 
In short, in the near future, players from Norway will receive pop-ups and similar when they visit foreign gambling sites informing the player that the website they are browsing is in direct 
violation of Norwegian laws.

Can somebody add something

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  National Online Self Exclusion Launched - GAMSTOP
Posted by: jokepoteer - 04-27-2018, 05:41 AM - Forum: Gambling Problems - Replies (5)

If anyone is having problems with online gambling, the national self exclusion scheme is now active - http://www.gamstop.co.uk

Self exclude via this portal and you are instantly self excluded from all UK online gambling sites, no going back!

I hope this helps a few people who are struggling.

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  Quit diary
Posted by: Boulderdash - 04-22-2018, 04:14 PM - Forum: Gambling Problems - Replies (125)

Before you all call me a cunt, I know I've said I'll quit before, but I've always fallen back into it.

The pointlessness of Betcoms and not having the discipline or knowledge to play anything else means I'm steadily losing money which on the £100 jackpots is getting expensive.

So I'm starting a quit diary thread. Anyone else who's quitting feel free to add to it.

The weekend has been generally easy as I've been busy. The test will come when I'm at a loose end or drunk. I'm not an online player so all I really have to do is walk past pubs...

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  Watching other people play
Posted by: paggamaggaloo - 04-21-2018, 10:27 PM - Forum: Betcom/ Gsquared/ Blueprint - Replies (31)

Not really sharking but I was out tonight and had a couple of mildy amusing incidences. 
First bloke was playing Maximum and obviously didn't have a clue what he was doing. 
He got a superhold and wasn't using it properly...at first I thought let him fck it up and I'll pick up the pieces afterwards. But I felt sorry for him so said "Look mate you want to hold these..." basically the pink bars...£7.
So he goes "Oh have I won £7?" and I'm like "Well you can go on the board now....maybe go round at least once and see what happens but you can't collect the £7 on a ?" 
So he goes round slowly...kind of bizarre...then I say "I'd collect it now if you want the seven because you've only got three man streak..." or whatever. He ignores my sage advice - lands on ? and collects £3 streak. He then proceeds to recylce the £3 a couple of times and leaves muttering to me "you can never win on them!"

Next pub theres some guy sticking £20s in the Juggling Shitepots...
Now I'm currently trying to leave them alone as them and TiJ have been doing my nut in recently and I hate them. But when it's not your money it's interesting watching someone else. He sort of knew what he was doing - well, £1 stake, knew the red numbers etc but I was close enough to hear his sighs and see his head shakes as it fucked with his mind. Round and round..."next board will be super.." then block after block. 
When the jack in the box started coming in he'd take it straight away which I always think is a mistake really. Maybe watched him get stuffed three times on the deal. He finally walked with £12 having put in over £80 while I was watching!

Now I've promised myself not to play them but I can't resist at least putting a quid in (he'd left the pub). I put the quid in and the repeats going - nice little £12 for me. Wow eh? lol

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  Real or fake?
Posted by: proevodaddy - 04-21-2018, 08:36 AM - Forum: Fruit Videos - Replies (4)

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