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  Fruits in Spain
Posted by: jerz92 - 08-17-2018, 10:17 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Just concluding a lovely week in Spain. It seems almost every bar, cafe and even some restaurants have got fruit machines in. The ones I looked at were all multi stake, 20c, 60c and 100c with scaling jackpots on each stake of 100/300/500 euros.
I had a 20 minute session on one of them (didn't even see 2 of the same game in all my time here). It had a base reel set and a bonus reel set. (on a video screen). Base reel set had one win line and bonus had 5. Any win on the base reel set could be gambled between the next highest win and LOSE. the wins on the bonus reel set was a double or nothing gamble. The base reel set offered holds and nudges (you could nudge in the bonus symbol which you could accumulate for spins on the bonus reels). Spins on the bonus reels costed one credit plus 1/3/5 accumulated bonuses, depending on which stake you was on.
There was also a symbol only present on the middle reel, which was a reel roulette and picked a symbol in view and awarded that win. There was also a mode that seemed to activate randomly, no idea what it did at first but it seemed to upgrade my reel win by a few steps on the symbol ladder. 
The game also seemed to have a number of features on the video screen, like little bonus games where you'd pick gems to reveal values, but no idea how this was activated.
I punted 20 euros through it on minimum stake for a return of 18 euros and I gotta say the game was fun to play. This was the only one I had a chance to play but some of them seemed to have skill features and more complex layouts and features. I was thinking on the one I played, it may be possible to force out the gambles but I'm not sure.
This got me thinking.. I wonder if playing machines for a living is big in other countries. Could a seasoned player figure out methods on games overseas and perhaps make a mint? Feel free to discuss.

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Video Best Gambling video of the year
Posted by: CopsAndRobbed - 08-12-2018, 03:11 PM - Forum: General - Replies (33)

In and out pretty quickly.

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  ACOS - Autumn Coin-Op Show
Posted by: SmegHead - 08-06-2018, 03:27 PM - Forum: General - Replies (9)

Who's going?


Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th October

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  Biggest Betcom swizz ever...
Posted by: Top Tramp - 08-02-2018, 01:44 PM - Forum: Betcom/ Gsquared/ Blueprint - Replies (17)


Get this for a swizz. (Video attached).

Stick in £157.

Oliver's Twist logo flashes, gone invincible.

£100 in the Twist Meter.

Machine gets stuck hi-loing on the Twist arrows - won't go into the Twist Streak in the middle.

Clearly drops in the final Mega Streak bag at 35 seconds.

Then auto collects SUPER STREAK for £48, then machine resets itself.

So end up £109 down.

How are you supposed to explain that to the barman/engineer?

Grrr....  Cry

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  Historic AWP makes / manus
Posted by: Mr Move It - 07-24-2018, 07:58 PM - Forum: General - Replies (6)

I was inspired by 416's thread on historic jackpots, so thought I'd ask the same about makes.  This is also about mergers, takeovers, manus that have left the game, newcomers to the game, multiple trading names and subdivisions.

I will have missed lots out so feel free to add to this, and feel free to point out mistakes as I will have probably made loads.

Barcrest: originated from Bass Brewery, became one of the biggest AWP brands (alongside Bellfruit) and dominated until the early 2010s.  Then they got taken over by Scientific Gaming.  I think SG also took over Games Media, or SG are Games Media as a different trading name?  Bacrest continues as an outlet for digital content, again as a trading name only.

Red Gaming: a subdivision of Barcrest.  They pretty much disappeared when Barcrest was taken over in the early 2010s.

Games Media: dominated the mid-2005s with the likes of Money Magic and Juggling Jackpots.  Then I think they were involved in the SG takeover of Barcrest (see Barcrest above).

Bellfruit: the other dominant force through much of the 90s and 2000s along with Barcrest.  Then they had a tie-in with B3 maker Astra (now Novamatic) but continue to make AWPs as of 2018.

Mazooma: an AWP maker with tech (Scorpion) licensed from Bellfruit.  Mazooma was big business throughout much of the 2000s then disappeared without trace around 2008/9.  I think Monopoly Road To Riches was one of their last games.

Maygay, Vivid, Global and Extreme: these all got swallowed up by Barcrest around 2005/6 to stifle competition.  At one time, all of these were advertised / listed on a portal alongside Barcrest and Red Gaming.  I remember seeing the 6 entities listed together, then you could browse their games / brochures.

JPM / Sega: pick a casino scene from one of the earlier Bond films and you'll see slot machines with Sega's name on it.  Sega went on to make the successful Master and Megadrive consoles, and branched out with JPM for its fruit machine outlet.  It therefore made sense that JPM made the Sonic the Hedgehog AWP.  Sort of fizzled out in the early 2000s and made a short-lived comeback around 5 years ago.  I never saw any of their comeback machines though.

Empire: big stuff back in the 90s and early 2000s but not sure what happened after that.  IIRC they were remembered for having a supportive stance on the emulation scene.

Blueprint: fairly new to the game with a few of their own AWPs but predominately a provider for B3 / digital.

Betcom, Reflex, G-Squared: they went over my head as I have no idea about these - whoosh!

People here will need to add Ace and others as they were before my time.

I think BWB did rebuilds?  E.g. Barcrest did King Kebab, then BWB re-issued it under a slightly different name.  What about QPS?  I remember Frutopia by Mazooma and QPS re-issued it as Fruit Pots, but otherwise it was the same gameplay and same sounds.

What about Whitbread, the guys who own Premier Inn?  I seem to recall that Whitbread had an outlet for AWPs.

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  Game master
Posted by: 416 - 07-21-2018, 08:02 PM - Forum: Reflex - Replies (18)

Ipub2 style machine just turned up in a pub close to me. A digital where all the slots are reflex.
Haven't seen a machine so popular with punters for many years!

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  AWP jackpot years
Posted by: 416 - 07-16-2018, 10:39 PM - Forum: General - Replies (19)

I started playing fruit machines regularly when they were £4(t) token jackpots (yes I am that old)
The jackpot then increased to £4.80(t), £6(t), £8(t), £10, £15, £25, £35, £70 and now it is £100 

Does anyone know the years that the AWP machines were at what jackpot?  I 
I think AWPs went from £4 to £4.80 around 1988 and from £70 to £100 around 2013, but the rest is a bit hazy

Thanks in advance

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  Guaranteed win due to fault
Posted by: dondplayer - 07-15-2018, 02:15 PM - Forum: General - Replies (8)

So a few days ago was playing a machine for a an average profit - go to collect out my money and it errors Sad . Call over the manager who starts to right down my details so I say let's repower it and see if it spits out my money - he does and indeed I get my money.

Next day go up to the same machine and something about the reels looks familiar - so I play it and yet again make an average profit - go to collect out my money and yet again it errors. Call over the manager again and again a repower sorts it and I get my money.

So at this point I realise the fault on this machine means that if I could sit there for an hour or so playing and repowering I'd be able to empty it.

Who would have done ?

I didn't not just because it's borderline dishonest but it's in view of the whole pub and the manager/punters would have spotted me.

Same again the next day though - but this time the manager must have called out the engineer because now it's working correctly.

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  DOND beat the clock
Posted by: 416 - 07-15-2018, 11:25 AM - Forum: General - Replies (32)

Feel free to move into correct forum, but as it's quiet I thought I'd post here.
On Friday 2 of these turned up in 2 pubs I use. I went to both pubs again yesterday and both were switched off. 
GAEMZ or trash machines susceptible to note errors?

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  Reset on the £150 flash
Posted by: Top Tramp - 07-08-2018, 11:22 PM - Forum: Betcom/ Gsquared/ Blueprint - Replies (12)

£98 in - should I have expected a £150?

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