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Hey guys hope you are good. We have started to a new video/game called The Daily Slot.
Viewers enter on our video then they can be selected to play on the next episode.
Feel free to pop along and enter!


I have 10 Minutes and £100 to win a x32 stake or more for the player.
If I win this, they will win a spin on the prize wheel.
The Progressive Pots can also be triggered on this too.
We have a live stream of the video/game every Monday from 9am.

Gold is £331.00 - x1000 stake required to trigger GOLD draw
Silver is £91.00 - x250 stake required to trigger SILVER draw

Bronze is £7.50 - x100 stake required to trigger BRONZE draw

Wanted to try something a little bit different so we are running with this, hopefully you will get involved.
1 Person entered this week and won 32 free spins and they got up to £400 hahaha.

Hope everyone is well :)
Enter on This Video...

If Its Easier :D
Good idea!

That scratchcard faff, not so good.
(07-05-2017, 12:01 PM)AMK Wrote: [ -> ]Enter on This Video...

If Its Easier :D

I won the first one of these :)
someone got up to 400 from 32 free spins?


fair enough you are hoping to grow and become like the bandit so you can generate thousands a month from affiliate business but everyone on here knows your goal is to profit, which is paid by the vast majority doing their brains.

can you put up some stats on the biggest losers that sign up through you and stop the smarmy best buddy advertising routine, more like this:

(07-05-2017, 09:06 PM)Slasher Wrote: [ -> ]Wanker

You know me SOOOOOOO well Craig. ;)
(07-05-2017, 03:01 PM)JP 24/7 Wrote: [ -> ]Good idea!

That scratchcard faff, not so good.

The scratchcard videos are ending tomorrow. Wanted to try it, would have been better if you could actually win on a scratchcard lol.
You need my luck lol I been hitting a lot of full cards and £40s lately lol
Nice. Yeah can I have some of your luck please? :D Rob
I wish theyd just screw off with the micro wins I mean I don't consider myself a winner if I've returned s fraction of a x stake I've still lost most the money haven't i. And these epic big win screens for a 10x win really? It's just so misleading and pretentious, a few years ago a 300x win wouldnt be the rarest thing in the world but it does never seem to happen these days it definitely feels like somethings changed
Such high percentages make online slots the way to go if you do like to play, the problem is that it is hard to see it as "buying entertainment", especially when it can be so expensive?!

If you won last weeks 85 odd million on the euro, would you still ever play slots and if so what stake?
That is something I think about Sam and the answer is I don't actually know, would I bang 50 grand in and have some 500 pound spins? Could that start a habit that could potentially run me into the ground? Or would I not feel the need to play at all. I just don't know i think I'd actually have to be in the situation to answer that one
You probably still couldn't afford to buy out Novomatic with a win of that size. Pretty scary.
(07-06-2017, 05:36 PM)AMK Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-05-2017, 03:01 PM)JP 24/7 Wrote: [ -> ]Good idea!

That scratchcard faff, not so good.

The scratchcard videos are ending tomorrow. Wanted to try it, would have been better if you could actually win on a scratchcard lol.

The rtps are just so low on the scratchcards, odds of winning prizes are in the range 1 in 3.... 1 in 5, problem is most of the wins are 1x 1.5x and 2x

anything higher are massive odds against, taking out the big prizes you end up rtp sub 50%.

the attractive point is one big win and you beat the rtp for years of buying them daily.

Biggest recent win I have heard of recently was 50k in the local nisa store, lifetime biggest winner I have know of was 250k.

personally my biggest has been £100 around christmas time, not brought any for quite a while because it was the case of getting very little wins.
Starts on Monday, £250 1st prize. Thought would give it a go.
Once all 12 Bushtucker Bonus Stars have been collected by our lucky Daily Slot winners then we will draw the £250 jackpot on a LIVE video stream!

1st - £250 Cash
2nd - £50 Cash
3rd - £32 Bonus Funds at 32Red Casino
4th - 12th 32 Jurassic World Free Spins at 32Red Casino
12 Stars up for Grabs!! Comment 'JGslots' Everyday on the Daily Slot videos to enter!

Good luck if you enter :)