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Hi guys. ..

Ayone here got much experience with flying drones? I've got a pretty decent one and only tried it in the garden. Phantom 4 pro +. Cost quite a bit. Only thing I'm wondering about is how are the no fly zones policed? Sorry if it sounds daft but can I be tracked or traced if I fly it in a no fly zone? Obviously I wouldn't do it near airports etc but a lot of other places are restricted. I just want to get some scenic 4k footage.

must be 1000s of dedicated sites/forums.

can see how drone racing as taken off, seeing DLR on tv.

know nothing about taking footage, must need a of practice/footage/editing to get the desired outcome.
Recently watched the drone FPV league (I admit i had to re-look that up) on Sky.

Them guys are amazing - flying drones at that speed through warehouse obstacles - was (am) very tempted to get involved.
Fly a small one into the pub to shark.
LOL I didn't know that cats and dogs could fly.
Lol that cat is classic. Cheers for the replies. Just wasn't sure how much serious they take flying in no fly zones - airports etc obviously but will check out some drone forums as Russ said
FYI Sky Sports Mix (channel 121) are showing DRL 2017 highlights for an hour - both now and again at 9pm