Full Version: A couple videos from the Far East
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Machines are: Aladdin A2, and The Ring: 7 Days Of Slot Curse. All 5 line, cherries only needed on 1st reel.

Moons 8 coins, replays self explanatory. Cherries 3 coins.

Bells 9 coins

Any non token related Qs?
Quick mid-streak video of Super Black Jack 2.

As always, any questions pertaining to gameplay, please do ask!
Love your videos as always Peko.

The comic style characters reminds me of retro Final Fantasy, and love the RGB LEDs and art work that goes into the cabinet. Much more elaborate than what we have in the UK. In your videos here, especially in Super Black Jack 2, are they more SWP than AWP? It seemed to me like you were making quick responses / reflexes during the bonus.
Good question. A couple of things are happening, to answer.

First, they are like a rigged skill. Due to the law, you have to stop the reels to end each game. However due to the proximity of the symbols, it can still give whatever it had planned. For the 7s, you hit them early and the reels will slip them in. If you're shooting for any combination that it doesnt want to pay, it'll simply 'miss'. This is also true for any animations on the screen. The machine just shows what it wants. My hitting the reels did not influence the outcome. The best way to play is to read into the signs being shown, and judge whether it's worth sticking on.

Secondly, the bonus rounds have a system called Assist Time. You will be prompted on which order to stop the reels to get the win, by having 1, 2 and 3 displayed above. Long as you button mash in the correct order, happy days!
Thanks Peko. They look a hellova lot of fun and they remind me video games more than fruits. Like from a time when arcades actually had video games Smile
Cheating as its not a video....But I had a think and a draw when I was on lunch. Seeing as the remake's out soon, I made a slot based on the classic.