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Anyone seen anything new of Seaside Mark on YouTube?

Bit worried

Your life must be pretty plain sailing if that qualifies for your list of things to worry about.

Good grief.
Pointless reply.
Valid reply.
Could try phoning up a few mc d's and ask if anyone been going through the bins.
He is probably playing hide and seek in a fishmarket
This place is getting more and more like FRUIT CHAT by the day.
We'll never go offline like they have tough. To be fair, Mark brought a lot of hate on himself so some of these replies are perhaps justified
Alive and kicking

No idea why Fruit Chat went offline. Maybe Mike had enough?
I see this 'Seaside Thug' character posting all the time on YouTube slots videos. I think it's mongo moo.
lol nice Hawaiian shorts Tongue
Where's Timmy and his fruity mad world channel gone?!?!?!
BRAINZ. Get the FUDGE in there.
He posted a vid a few days ago saying he was leaving YouTube
Serious de ja vu here as he has said it about 50 times now ?
Unfortunately Seaside Mark has started self-harming by cutting his wrists on stream. The channel has taken a very dark and depressive turn over the past few weeks.
Straight up? Maybe someone should alert the authorities and get him sectioned for his own good....
Here you can see his slashed wrists, assume the video will be deleted soon as per.

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